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VigRX Delay Spray

50ml Spray | Discreet Control Spray


All men would like the pleasant moments they spend in bed to last longer, unfortunately this is not always possible.To offer you a natural option for richer intimate experiences, the VigRX Delay Spray has been created. Thanks to its practical 50ml bottle, it is perfect to slip into a pocket and be carried anywhere on the move. You can use it discreetly when needed, allowing you to finish the job when you desire to.

  • Helps to prolong intimate moments
  • Trusted Worldwide
  • Perfect for spontaneous encounters
  • Simple and easy to use with fast absorption
  • Provides about 500 sprays
  • Travel-friendly bottle

Made from a powerful blend of natural active ingredients, the VigRX delay spray is appreciated by thousands of men around the world who have been able to regain their self-confidence by managing to prolong their carnal frenzy. Thus, they can now enjoy their intimate moments in bed for longer. With this natural and safe formula, you'll regain control just when you need it the most, providing you and your partner with the ultimate pleasure and satisfaction.

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Are you lasting long enough?

Although it’s not a race, the time needed to cross the finish line in bed is a major concern for many men. With an average of 5.5 minutes, this could be considered a success or a disappointment depending on the case. For many people, it is not long enough, especially when you know that the ideal time for women is 23 minutes, which is a significant difference between the two. For these reasons, a large majority of men feel that their performance in bed should last longer and that it would be better if they take the necessary steps to help their partner to have satisfying and, above all, intense and complete experiences.

VigRX delay spray

From the number one brand VigRX comes the decade’s best-seller VigRX Delay Spray, the natural way to help men prolong their intimate moments. Developed from a unique blend of botanical extracts, the VigRX delay spray formulation is safe and relied upon by thousands of men who use it worldwide. This aromatic cherry-scented spray is gentle to use, easily absorbed and leaves no sticky residue; a few quick sprays and you're ready to start! Designed to prolong the pleasure for you as well as for your partner, the VigRX delay spray remains a top choice on the market.

Not only does its special cherry scent provide your partner with real pleasure, but this clever spray comes in a sleek 50ml bottle giving up to 500 sprays - enough to cover many intimate encounters. It can also be used with other products intended to aid male performance. Thanks to its convenient travel size, you can take it anywhere with you and use it whenever you need to build your self-confidence and regain control over your urges.

How to use

The VigRX delay spray is easy to use, making it ideal for carrying on the go. To use, simply spray on the penis 1-3 times, 10 minutes before the start of your intimacy, then rub on the shaft and the glans to facilitate absorption. It is important to wash the penis before oral sex and not to apply to damaged or irritated skin.

VigRX Delay Spray formula

The secret to the success and popularity of the VigRX delay spray is its unique natural formula. First, this vaporiser contains Ethyl Aminobenzoate, an ingredient often used in male-based products because of its delicate, natural and safe numbing properties. It also contains a number of plant extracts such as Panax Ginseng Root extract or Ginkgo Biloba Root Extract that are both recognised in the male enhancement industry and known for their strengthening and firming properties.

Safe formula

The VigRX delay spray is made from a natural blend of premium quality ingredients that do not cause any known side effects. When using it, however, avoid contact with the eyes. In case of eye contact, flush with water. This delay spray is for people over the age of 18, so keep it out of the sight and reach of children. As with using any new product, we suggest that you carefully read the list of ingredients to check for potential allergens.