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Viaman Extendor

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The revolutionary Viaman Extendor is the latest jewel from one of the world’s leading male brands. Through its latest premium equipment, Viaman has created another new innovative product to specifically meet the demands of men. Using electronic vacuum technology and incorporating it in a device that includes 6 unique control mechanisms, this high-end device is the flagship product of the award-winning brand. We are so confident of the quality of this product that if you are not satisfied within 90 days, you can return it for a full refund.

  • Automated air pump
  • Accurate measurements with precision scale
  • Adjustable pressure as needed
  • Designed for a comfortable home use
  • 6 levels of electronic control for personalised use
  • 3 month money back guarantee
  • 2 years warranty on the product

A fruit of intense research, the Viaman Extendor has been exclusively developed to provide quality, pleasure and ease of use. It has been manufactured with a high performance ABS tube, a non-slip cylinder and also has an ergonomic design for comfortable use. It even includes a micro USB port for quick and easy charging so you do not waste time searching for batteries like in conventional pumps.

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Size - Length and Girth

According to a British Sex survey conducted in 2014, 1 in 5 men are believed to be dissatisfied with their size. Whilst it is common for men to be worried about their size, even those with average proportions are concerned. These feelings are often associated with loss of self-esteem and can even have an impact on relationships. This is the reason why many men are turning to different male enhancement methods such as surgery, supplements or the use of dedicated devices.

Enhancement pumps are becoming increasingly popular, for not only being less intrusive, but also because they are economically more affordable and safer than other solutions. This equipment usually incorporates a cylindrical pump that creates suction force around the male organ, based on pressure as a clever means of stimulating blood flow to that part of the body. The pressure thus formed is also known to help the muscle tissues to exercise more, which can lead to an improvement in length and girth.

Viaman Extendor

Renowned worldwide for its range of bestselling products, Viaman is a brand that men count on. Enthusiastic to offer a new option in male enhancement, they have developed a product that offers the same quality standards packaged and presented in an elegant and practical device. Based on the vacuum technique, the Viaman Extendor is ergonomic, portable, practical to use and designed to accompany any man in his pursuit for enhancement.

This equipment includes among others different elements that are just as easy to use. This includes 2 types of measurements consisting of a meter and a precision scale for accuracy ranging from 0 to 50 kilopascals and allows adjusting the pressure. Additionally, it incorporates 6 levels of electronic control that can be positioned to suit the needs of each individual. This pump has also been manufactured with removable parts to facilitate the use and make it adaptable to the structure and size of each person.

Money back guarantee

We are so confident in the high quality standards applied in the design and manufacture of this product that we offer a 2 year manufacturer's warranty. In addition, we offer the product with a 3 month money back guarantee, should you not be completely satisfied with the product, without any objections.

Shyuk Foligain Range Info Female
  • 1Battery cover
  • 2On + Pressure increase button
  • 3Vacuum tube
  • 4Scale
  • 5Pressure meter
  • 6Charging socket
  • 7Off + Reduce pressure button
  • 8Release valve
  • 9Silicone ring
  • 10TPR ring

How to Use

1Apply Lubrication
1200 Needles

Start by lubricating to facilitate the insertion of the device.

2Create Airtight Seal
600 Needles

When taking the pump, wrap the silicone ring around your penis and make sure it fits perfectly.

3Turn Device On
180 Needles

Once you feel comfortably adjusted, press the "+" button to turn on the device; the blue flashing light will indicate that the unit is on.

4Adjust Pressure
1200 Needles

Press the "+" button again to gradually increase the air pressure. The "-" button can help you adjust the pressure to the level you find comfortable.

600 Needles

Press the "VALVE" button to release the pressure once you are done.

6Up To 40 Minutes
180 Needles

Use this device not more than twice a week, for a maximum of 40 minutes per session.