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Viaman Capsules

30 Capsules | Male Enhancement Formula

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Viaman Capsules rely on careful and in-depth research by Viaman Laboratories. This research has allowed them to develop an exclusive blend, with natural and safe ingredients, which aims to enhance male virility. Years of experience and special attention to safety have resulted in these sophisticated capsules, which are very popular among men all over the world.

Composed of zinc and Maca roots, these two natural ingredients are often used in products intended to improve male virility, for their contribution in maintaining a healthy level of testosterone in the blood and their widely recognized aphrodisiac qualities.

  • Capsules to enhance male virility naturally
  • Zinc to supplement normal testosterone levels
  • Safe formula with selected ingredients
  • Does not cause drug-related side effects
  • No prescription or medical examination required
  • Just one capsule a day
  • Award-winning brand

Viaman capsules are compact and discreetly packaged to make them easy to carry wherever you go. In addition, with 30 capsules per box, you have a month’s supply in your pocket.

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  • Vegan
  • GMP
  • Vegetarian

The Value of Size

The eternal debate about the importance of size has left men around the world anxious about the proportions of their manhood. King's College in London recently pointed out the consequences that these concerns may have, leading to reserved behaviour that can be detrimental to intimate relationships.

It's easy for people to ignore concerns about the size below the waist, but when it has an impact on your confidence between sheets, then it's a pain that no one should endure in silence. The fact that this problem is common does not mean that there are no proactive initiatives that can be taken to overcome the size barrier.

The birth of Viaman capsules

Viaman takes pride in sharing the secrets of its success. The latter revolves around a team of specialist researchers, who with years of experience in the field and having tried and tested a myriad of ingredients, have come up with a powerful, safe and natural formula.

One of the ingredients that has gathered acclaim and attention is Maca. Also known as Lepidium Meyenii, it is native to the Andes Mountains and is currently used to give an extra impact to our Viaman capsules. Research has been conducted on its use as a natural aphrodisiac and its contribution to male sexual desire.

The key ingredients

Viaman’s secret to success is the blend of its quality ingredients. So, along with Maca, a number of other essential ingredients that form a part of this male enhancement formula contribute in addressing men’s needs.

Zinc not only helps protect cells against oxidative stress, it also helps maintain a normal level of testosterone in the blood. It is has been noted by scientists that a healthy level of testosterone contributes to optimise the performance of men and their carnal drive. Learn more
This is a phenomenally successful ingredient in the field of male performance enhancement, best known as an essential amino acid that strengthens the circulatory system. Today, it is well known that blood circulation plays a key role in performance in the bedroom.
Fenugreek This ingredient is used all over the world and is widely known for the benefits it brings to both men and women. But it is best known for its ability to increase libido and improve intimate functions, and recently published studies in this direction have furthered these notions. Learn more

How To Use It

For optimal enjoyment of the ingredients of Viaman, just take 1 capsule a day. It can be ingested with water before breakfast, lunch or dinner. Ideally, this product should be taken on an ongoing, continuous basis - we recommend investing in long-term use of at least 3 months. Each bottle provides a monthly supply of 30 capsules. Note that each box comes with a protected seal.