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Prosolution Pills

60 Tablets | Herbal Male Enhancement Formula

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Prosolution pills contain a unique blend of extracts developed specifically to help boost male performance. They are the first choice for thousands of men, and have been for decades. Today, with their new improved formula, Prosolution pills can truly help bring male sexual performance to a higher level, including providing energy and confidence to surpass oneself in bed.

  • Enhanced for male performance
  • Market approved product during the last decade
  • New improved formula
  • Just 2 tablets a day
  • Contains Panax Ginseng, Maca & L-Arginine
  • Suitable for vegetarians

The possibility of being an underperformer in bed concerns a lot of men. According to the British Sex Survey, about 42% men have experienced performance issues at some point in life. As a result, many of these men seek solutions, preferably natural ones, through trusted brands that prioritise the use of beneficial herbal ingredients.

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The key to male performance

For many men, questions about their performance in the bedroom can be a source of great concern. Their prowess in bed can be affected by many constraints, such as stress or being with a new partner, or through harmful habits such as smoking. All these crippling elements can influence male performance, who will then feel they cannot fully express their potential. However, there are many measures that men can undertake to regain their ardour and confidence, including improving their lifestyle. But to reach the pinnacle of performance, some people also prefer to turn to natural supplements for an extra boost.

Although there are synthetic pills to remedy this kind of problem, they can be embarrassing and often expensive, or can be accompanied by undesirable side effects. It is for this reason that many men prefer using herbal supplements that work through their natural active ingredients, and that allow them to be used by consumers for as long as they desire.

Prosolution Pills

With experience, specialisation and dedication in finding solutions to male virility spanning more than a decade, Prosolution pills have become a leading player in the male performance game. Being the first choice for thousands of men around the world, Prosolution pills have acquired a loyal clientele that continues to praise them. In addition, thanks to their long experience in scrutinising the evolution of the market and the needs of men, the designers of the Prosolution pills have been able to develop a new improved formula that is now more efficient than ever.

Consisting of a blend of recognised and reputable ingredients such as Ginseng Panax, Maca or L-Arginine, the Prosolutions pills also incorporate a number of other equally beneficial natural ingredients, in optimal proportions for the final product.Developed and specifically designed to improve male performance, Prosolution pills are a simple and discreet way for men to regain their confidence, energy and prowess in bed and give a natural boost.

Key Ingredients in Prosolution Pills

image of Korean Panax Ginseng Root
Korean Panax Ginseng Root
Often used in supplements intended to enhance the sexual performance of men, Panax Ginseng has become a very popular natural ingredient in the field. Recently, research on ginseng has been conducted to find out how it can naturally help improve virility while supporting a healthy level of testosterone. To learn more, click here
image of L-Arginine
L-Arginine (as L-Arginine HCl)
In our body, the amino acid L-Arginine turns into nitric acid (NO). Nitric oxide is very useful for the body because it is known to help its 50 billion cells to communicate with each other. Studies have also been conducted on its abilities to help maintain focus and support physical stamina. Learn more here.
image of Maca
Also known as Lepidium Meyenii, Maca originated from the Andes. It is considered to provide you the extra kick you need during intimate sessions. Research has been conducted on Maca to evaluate how it can help improve desire in men. For more information, click here.
image of Butea Superba Root
Butea Superba Root
As a vine native to Thailand, Vietnam and India, Butea Superba is a component widely used in traditional Thai remedies. There is also much research into its use as a support for virility and sexual performance. For more information, click here.
image of Fenugreek Seed Ext
Fenugreek seed extract. 50% Saponines Also known as Methi in Ayurveda, Fenugreek has been popular for centuries because of its many herbal properties. To better study its benefits, research has been conducted to highlight the connection between Fenugreek and male desire. For more information, click here.

Full list of ingredients:

Prosolution Pills ingredients include: L-Arginine (as L-Arginine HCI), Fenugreek Seed Extract 50% Saponins, Maca Root, Holy Basil Extract 10:1, Reishi Mushroom (Fruit), Amla Berry Extract 40% SE - Tannins, Bladderwrack Root Ext 0.2% SE - Iodine, Korean Panax Ginseng Root, Butea Superba Root, Curculigo Roots (Musli), Cordyceps Sinensis Fruit Extract 7% SE, Momordica Fruit, Dicalcium Phosphate, Cellulose, Croscarmellose Sodium, Stearic Acid, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, HPMC, Titanium Dioxide.

Recommended use

To use, just take 2 tablets a day, preferably after meals. We recommend taking 1 tablet at lunch and 1 at dinner. Since this supplement is made from natural ingredients, no side effects of their use are known. Do not exceed 4 tablets within 24 hours and as with any new supplement, we suggest that you always read the list of ingredients to check for any personal allergies.