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Penis Pumps or Penis Extenders: Which is better?

Penis pumps or extenders? Many get confused when they have to choose any one of them. Both are safe and effective, but which one to choose? Here's a comparison.

A large number of products are available for male enhancement and penis enlargement these days as the demand for such products is constantly on the rise. The recent preference for male enhancement products has come from the fact that people are now aware about what and how a product works. They are no more living in a fear of thinking that the products would not work and it is just a waste of money. After a several thousand people used penis enlargement products, they gave their opinion and now we find that the most preferred products for penis enlargement are penis pills, penis pumps and penis extenders in the respective order. While the efficacy of these products is high, the time taken to see the results differ amongst them.

Comparison: Penis pumps vs Penis extender

When talking about penis pumps, extenders versus penis pills, the latter is a good and convenient way for penis enlargement as it provides a safe, easy and effective way for adding to your penis size. But penis pills take a long time to work and it can take months before you see actual results. The extenders and pumps use tangible force for penis enlargement so you can feel the working of them and it gives you a kind of psychological relief that the product is at work. They also give you faster results that you can notice within days of using the device. So in terms of efficacy and fast-results, penis pills are knocked out and we have two contenders for the position of the best penis enlargement products: the penis pumps and extenders. So let's compare both the finalists and find out the best amongst the best.

Working: The penis pumps work on a vacuum therapy; they suck out air from the cylinder, increasing the blood flow to the penis. The extenders use traction technology to stretch the penile tissues, enabling tissue multiplication and giving you a longer and thicker penis.

Comfort: The penis pumps give you a kind of discomfort sometimes but the extenders can be comfortable to wear and stay on the move while you are wearing it. The extenders initially may give you a bit of pain, but not much, the penis pumps can be uncomfortable because of the sensitive vacuum.

Mobility: The extenders give you a free mobility option. You can wear it and stay on the move, you can keep it worn for long hours discreetly under your clothes. The penis pumps have to be pumped manually or sometimes are automatically pumped too, but carrying it discreetly is not possible.

Other advantages: Penis pumps give you extra benefits in terms of giving you better and stronger erections, better sexual performance and enhanced penis girth as well. The extenders give you a bigger penis, thicker girth and also can treat a curvature on the penis.

The verdict

People might keep on debating but the verdict according to the comparative findings say that majority of the people, who want rapid penis size increase go for extenders while those who are uncomfortable with keeping a device worn all day, may go for penis pumps. Choice also depends on the personal preference and cost involved. While pumps are available in a wide range of prices, extenders are mostly expensive. But, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that either of them is equally effective. Talking about the best in class products, the JES extender and the Bathmate pumps do stand amongst the top echelon in the penis enlargement category. So, if you are confused between the two read complete information on both of them before making a choice.