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5 penis extender myths that need to be busted

Penis extenders are popular enchantment devices, but still there are lots of myths and misconceptions surrounding them. Here we bust some of the myths and throw light on the facts.

Sales pitches are often so convincing that you tend to believe them without understanding that they are just a way of selling product. This doesn’t mean that all that is said in the ads is false, but it isn’t always the complete truth. Same is the case with male enhancement devices like penis extenders. A lot has been said and written about these enlargement devices. While some men do their research before believing in the claims of manufacturers, there are men, who make their decision solely on the basis of these marketing claims and the results isn’t very pleasant. Here we debunk some myths about extenders:

Extenders increase penis size within days

Any product that claims to add inches to your penis within few days is plain cheating you. Extenders use traction force to increase penis size and the process is gradual. It easily takes more than 6 months to increase your size by an inch or two. So, if you are looking for instant results, then extenders are going to disappoint you. In fact, all the genuine and safe methods of penis enlargement are going to be disappointing if you seek results overnight. If you wish to enlarge your penis permanently and safely, then don’t expect instant results.

You can add as many inches as you want

If an ad says that you can increase your penis size by 6 to 9 inches, then it is just another sales hype. A body’s responsive rate determines your penis growth after using extender. The maximum you can increase your size by 1 to 2 inches. Remember, if you are 4 inches when erect, you can’t then reach 9 inches long. It is wrong to even expect that. A reliable and trusted website will never make such claims.

Best time to wear the extender is while you sleep

Most men think that it is best to wear the device while sleeping as it is most discreet. But, actually it is really unsafe to wear the device to bed. Most extenders are designed to fit best in the position when a person in awake. So, there are high chances that you experience pain and feel uncomfortable while lying down with an extender on.

You can wear extenders for as long as you wish

Despite the fact that most high-quality products are safe, you should never wear it longer than what is recommended by the manufacture. It is best to keep the hours of wearing extender between 8 to 9 hours. Don’t exceed that limit in hope of quick results. Wearing the device for long periods of time can make you prone to skin allergy’s, infections and penis damage. So, no matter how eager you are to get a bigger penis, don’t risk your health for it.

All extenders are safe and effective

It is a myth that no matter which extender you buy, they are all going to be safe and will give you desired results. When buying extenders look for CE certified products like the Jes extender that are classed as medical type 1 products. Don’t buy devices just because they fit in your budget. Always check for the make of the device and safety features incorporated in it.

Understanding the truth behind these myths is essential for smart shopping, especially online. Don’t trust any unrealistic claim and heavy discounts. Make efforts to verify it though customer reviews online and on the seller’s website. If you take of some of these things, you are most likely to buy the right product and get benefits. Remember, penis enlargement is only beneficial when you do it safely.