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Is penis enlargement surgery a good idea?

Going under the knife for increasing penis size might be one of the popular options of enlargement, but it comes with lots of risk and side-effects. Moreover, only few men have been reported to be happy with the results of surgery. Considering natural ways like losing weight or taking natural supplements are better options for enlargement.

Whether it's because they're concerned about the size of their manhood or worried that they're not fulfilling their partner's needs in the bedroom, some men may think about ways to enlarge their penis. Given that this is something which a seemingly high number of males decide to consider, there are a wide variety of possible solutions on the market.

Indeed, ranging from penis enlargement pills to pumps, self-help techniques and even surgery, there are numerous ways in which a man can allegedly increase the size of his todger. Yet whichever one of these methods you're thinking about employing, it's important to be aware of the facts and consider everything that's involved.

Although pills, supplements and creams can be when it comes to stimulating growth of the penis effectively, one technique that could be far simpler than this approach is that of losing weight. If your stomach is larger than it should be then it may be hiding the base of your penis which could make it appear smaller than it actually is.

What's more, exercising can not only help you tackle any weight problems but it can also improve your self-esteem and give your sex life a boost if you feel you've been struggling in this department.

It's also worth taking simple approaches like looking at your penis in the mirror from the front or side, as this is how other people will see it - looking at it from above makes it appear shorter than it really is.

Yet despite these possible solutions, some men decide to contemplate penis enlargement surgery as a means of achieving the added length and girth they desire.

While this can sometimes have a positive impact, it's important to consider the consequences. Surgical techniques involve cutting the suspensory ligament that supports the penis in some an upright position when its erect, and once this is snipped your member could being to point downwards whenever you get an erection.

What's more, this procedure only leads to an average increase of less than two centimetres, and a mere 35 per cent of men who have had the operation reported being happy with the results.

As such, penile enlargement surgery may not be the best option, especially when considering that many men who look to explore it actually have a normal-sized penis.

Indeed, some doctors suggest that patients see sex therapists before having surgery as it could simply be a case that they have a negative view of their penis size for psychological reasons.

Another thing it's important to remember is that the size of your penis won't affect your performance in the bedroom, and operations to have it enlarged for cosmetic reasons are not usually available on the NHS.

It's for these reasons that it's important to take an informed and measured approach to the subject of penis enlargement before deciding to employ measures designed to increase the size of your manhood.