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Penis enlargement: How and why?

The good news is that you don't have to go under the knife to increase the size of your penis, as there are other techniques available that could help without having to visit the surgeon.

Potential treatments to increase penis length and girth

Whether they're unhappy with the length, girth or appearance of their penis, there are plenty of reasons that prompt men to seek enlargement treatments as a means to make themselves feel more confident about their genitals.

While size may not be an issue for everyone and there is little evidence to support the idea that it has a substantial impact on the ability of a man to stimulate their partner, feeling uncomfortable with your penis can have a psychological effect on your performance in between the sheets.

Indeed, even if a man's penis is of average length - six-to-ten centimetres when flaccid and five-to-seven inches when erect - they may still want to increase their length or girth to give themselves a little confidence boost in the bedroom.

What's more, considering that not everyone is satisfied with the result of penis enlargement surgery, it can be an unnecessarily painful process to go through if it doesn't yield the results you're looking for.

Pumps are available that can help men increase the size of their penis with a series of daily exercises to perform while they're in the bath or shower. By creating a vacuum with the pump and then wearing it for 15 minutes, men could start to experience firmer erections and visible penis growth if they remember to use the tool every day.

But if you haven't got time to use a pump or would prefer a method that requires less effort, penis enlargement pills are another option.

These natural treatments help to increase blood flow to the area of the penis that determines the extent to which it grows when erect, improving the size of your erection and giving you the boost you're looking for.