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Male Edge

Grow your penis safely and discreetly with Male Edge Pro. It is a patented penis extender that has been developed by doctors and specialists after years of research. The device works by applying traction force on the penis that triggers cell multiplication, resulting on penis growth. It is a safe, easy and painless way of increasing penis length and girth.

  • Increase penis size without pills or surgery
  • Danish design, quality and technology
  • Lightweight – can be worn for long periods of time
  • Comes with more rubber straps, protection pads and cohesive gauze
  • Helps decrease penis curvature
  • Discreet and fast shipping

Male Edge Pro is the most advanced model of the range. The device is ideal for men, who want to take their penis enlargement to a new level. This penis extender has already helped thousands of men worldwide increase their penis size. Join these men simply by placing your order with Sexual Supplement.

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How Male Edge Pro works?

Male Edge is an advanced penis extender that uses penis traction for penis enlargement. Penis traction is a clinically proven, safe and painless way of increasing penis size. It works by applying a steady stretch on the penis, which causes the tissue cells to divide and multiply. With regular use of the device, penis traction results in new tissue, making your penis longer and thicker.

What does the package contain?

Male Edge Pro package will be delivered to you with:

  • Black and red coloured Male Edge Penis Enlarger
  • Ruler/Measurer
  • Carry Case
  • Four extra Rubber Straps
  • Two protection pad
  • Cohesive Gauze
  • Instructional DVD

Directions to use

Male Edge Pro is a flexible and easy-to-use design that can be manoeuvred up or down to choose the most comfortable position for you. You can assemble and wear the extender by following the instruction given in the manual. For optimal result, you should wear the extender for at least 6 hours a day. During the day, it can be worn under loose fitting trousers. You can also wear the device at night, but this will depend upon your sleeping position.

You should always clean the device after removing it. Cleaning the device is easy as all the parts get separated and can be cleaned in dishwasher.

Are there any safety concerns?

Just like the other models in the range, Male Edge Pro is also a safe device. This 2nd generation penis enlarger has been developed with efficient and reliable Danish technology. The material used for making the device is warm and organic, which ensures that you don’t experience any skin reactions. Considering the fact that extender has to be worn for long hours, comfort the user has been given priority.

Why buy from us?

Placing your order for Male Edge Pro with Sexual Supplement is easy, convenient and safe. We offer quick and discreet delivery – all the orders are dispatched in plain packaging with no mention of product name or name of website. If you are still no sure about us or the product, you can get in touch with our friendly customer support through call or live chat.

Male Edge Basic Male Edge Extra Male Edge Pro
£109.95 £125.95 £142.95
Colour White/Blue Green/Black Black
Stylish Box
Rubber Strap
Extra Rubber Strap 1 2 4
Protection Pad - 1 2
Cohesive Gauze - - 1
Instructional DVD - - 1
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year