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Why some women lose libido after menopause?

While it is inevitable to experience low sexual desire with increasing age, complete absence of libido can be concerning. There are many women who experience lose of libido before or after menopause. Let's check out the reasons behind the problem and find out what can be done to cope up.

It has been estimated that 20% to 40% of women complaint about loss of libido after menopause. Along with night sweating, mood swings and irregular periods, low sex drive is also considered a symptom of menopause. However, it does not affect all women. Many women have claimed to experience increased sexual desire after the menopausal transition.

Causes of low sex drive after menopause

Like other menopausal symptoms, low libido is also due to hormonal changes that occur in female body during this phase. The gradual decline in the production of oestrogen in the body affects sex drive and other sexual activities. This is the reason women experience low libido also complain of vaginal dryness and pain during intercourse.

Low level of progesterone hormones during menopause also results in loss of libido and other problems like irregular periods and fatigue. It has been also found that, during this phase the level of androgens also goes down, which can again lead to decreased sex drive.

However, it would be wrong to completely blame hormones for the sexual problems. The emotional changes during the phase can also lead of loss of sex drive in women. Depression, anxiety and stress (common during menopause) can also be the culprit behind decreased libido. Studies have also suggested that women taking medications or experiencing bladder control problems also report low sex drive.

In some women, low libido is simply the effect of relationship problems or low self-esteem. As women experience a lot of changes in their body during the phase, the feeling of low sexuality and attractiveness can also kill sex drive in them.

Treating low libido after menopause

Unlike other menopause symptoms, low libido is not just a physical problem. It is more of a combination of physical, emotional and mental problems. Hence, to cope with it you need more than just pills and creams. Experts suggest that women experiencing low sex drive must not hide their

concerns from their partner. Talking to their partner can help ease their anxiety and lift self-esteem, which will make their sex life better naturally. Women can also consider consulting sex therapists for tackling the emotional and mental aspects of low libido. For physical symptoms following options can help:

Natural supplements

When hormonal changes are the prime cause of low libido, natural supplements are your best bet. Products like Lady Prelox and Gold Max can be used to get mojo back. These formulations basically combine herbs and natural ingredients that are known for increasing female sex drive. As these pills are completely natural, the risk of side-effects and any other complication is minimal.

Vaginal stimulation gels

To deal with vaginal dryness, you can easily find vaginal gels on the market. These water-based gels not only help reduce vaginal dryness, but they also promote intimacy, responsiveness and sexual desire. Many women also use these products to ease pain during intercourse.

Clitoris stimulation devices

You can consider using Clitoris stimulation devices for increasing your sexual pleasure and reaching orgasm. These devices target clitoral nerve endings that are more sensitive to enhance sexual experience in women.

Along with this, lifestyle changes can also help boost libido in women. Regular exercise (yoga, aerobics and cardio) can help relieve stress and increase blood circulation in the body. Performing kegels can strengthen vaginal muscles and help improve sex life. Diet also plays a crucial role when it comes to boosting sex drive naturally. Include zinc rich foods like oysters, red meat, liver and kidney beans in your diet. Eat leafy greens, nuts, dairy and soy products to enhance your sex drive.