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Lifestyle changes women need to make today for healthy conception

Sometimes your lifestyle becomes an obstacle in your conception. Here we discuss some simple lifestyle changes that you can make to boost your chances of getting pregnant.

Talk to a doctor or Google it yourself – lifestyle factors have a significant impact on fertility. So, if you are planning to have a baby in near future, it is essential that you look into your daily habits to see what needs to be changed in order to increase your chances of conception and healthy pregnancy. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, women of a childbearing age should begin to prepare their body for pregnancy at least three months before conception. So, here we list out some common lifestyle factors that, if taken care of, can increase fertility naturally:

  • Review what you eat Maintaining a healthy weight is very important when you are trying to get pregnant. We all know that keeping a close eye on your diet is essential to maintain your weight. It has been seen that both obese and underweight women take longer to conceive as menstrual dysfunction, decreased fertility and increased risk of miscarriage are common problems among them. So, eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, gorge on low-fat dairy foods and drink plenty of fluids to maintain optimal health. Do away with processed and fast food, as it is high in calories and can lead to weight gain. In the case that you are underweight, then you must start eating food that can help you gain weight but not fat. You can also find fertility supplements that can naturally increase your chances of conception by optimizing your health.
  • Begin an exercise routine Apart from your diet, exercise is also essential for maintaining optimal health. Regular exercise helps reduce body fat, boosts heart rate and increases energy levels, all of which together contribute to better chances of conception. Thirty minutes of gentle exercise 4-5 times a week is enough to get started. Regular exercise will not only aid conception but also help maintain your health during and after pregnancy. According to a new study by the Kaiser Permanente Medical Group, women who avoid gaining weight have lower chances of contracting gestational diabetes.
  • Reduce your exposure to toxins Did you know that smoking fumes contain 4000 toxins? Any kind of toxin can be bad for your health if you are planning to get pregnant. So, it is advisable to call it quits to smoking and other drugs. You must also be careful while using chemical based household chemicals, plastic water bottles and cosmetic and beauty products. It has been found that there are lot of toxins in unbleached coffee filters, paper, napkins and toilet tissues. Exposure these chemical and toxins can impair fertility.

  • Develop the habit of getting 8 hours sleep Getting enough sleep is essential for the production of many hormones. Lack of sleep can decrease the level of melatonin and serotonin, which lowers the chance of conceiving. Make a sleep routine and try to get an undisturbed sleep of 7 to 8 hours. You can take a nap during the day if you are not able to sleep for more than 5 to 6 hours at night.