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Last longer in bed naturally – Popular techniques that can help you

Lasting longer in bed can be a challenge for many men. If you too are among them, you don’t have to be disappointed. You can improve your performance and prolong your ejaculation by simple techniques. Here are some of the methods you can use.

Climaxing too soon is a problem that most men experience at some point in their life. If the situation arises occasionally then it isn’t a cause of concern, but if the problem becomes a routine, then it can have catastrophic effect on the self-confidence of a man and his performance in bed. There are many cases were relationships have become a victim to this sexual problem. While many men struggle to last longer in bed naturally, there are some who wish to last longer than usual. The desire to take sexual pleasure to another level can often leave couples wanting more. Here, we list some popular techniques to help you last longer in bed:

Mental control

It is already widely known that our thoughts can impact on our sexual life. The way you manage your mental balance at the time of intimacy, defines your performance to a large extent. It has been seen time and time again that some thoughts tend to arouse men more than others. In this mental control technique, the key is to divert focus from thoughts that make you aroused to think of something not as sexual. This is one of the most difficult methods of all as we all know how hard is to gain control over mind. But if practised with determination, it is possible to do. If anxiousness is the reason behind early ejaculation, men must try and feel confident about their sexual performance. Sometimes you can do this yourself and sometimes a therapist might help.

Strengthening pelvic muscles

Pubococcygeus or PC muscle plays an important role in the process of releasing semen during ejaculation. Strengthening this muscle helps men gain more control over their ejaculations so they can time their ejaculation how they want. Kegel exercise is the best way of strengthening pelvic muscles. In order to do kegels, the first step is to identify the PC muscle. This can be done while you are peeing. Stop in between the flow and try to mark out which muscle you use for it. Now relax and continue peeing. Doing this for a day or two will help you identify the muscle. One you have identified the muscle, you just have to contract and relax the muscle many times a day. You can do this anytime of the day, anywhere.

Using desensitizing products

While the above mentioned methods are difficult to practice, this one is really simple. You just have to spray a desensitizing formula like Stud 100 delay spray for men on your penis before sex and you will be able to last longer. It has been seen that excessive stimulation of the penis often leads to early ejaculation. So, this spray is designed to reduce those sensations in men, making them carry on for longer. When buying desensitizing products you must opt for the natural formulations, as they are safer on your body. Some people think that desensitizing products can numb sensations in women as well. While there are many products that do so, there are high quality products like Stud 100 that don’t numb stimulation in women.

Wearing condoms

Another simple technique of controlling ejaculation is to start wearing condoms. Rubber controls stimulations and can easily prolong your act. These days you can find special condoms on the market for lasting longer in bed. These condoms contain a formulation that slows down the ejaculation process naturally. Clearly, things can’t get easier than this. Just buy a condom and wear it while having sex! This will also protect you from sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy.

These techniques can be used by any man who wants to enhance his sexual experience and last longer in bed. So don’t let your ejaculation ruin your sexual satisfaction, especially when there are so many ways to get better.