Sexual Supplement

What really affects sex drive in women?

Is your sex drive not the same as it used to be? Low libido is a common problem in females. There can be many reasons behind your decreasing libido like childbirth or contraception pills. Read on to find out what is preventing you from enjoying your sex life.

It is often argued the female sex drive is a complicated matter, but it's not really. One of the major problems is there simply isn't enough understanding of women's libido and what drives them wild. For far too long, society has been hush hush on discussions of female sexuality, but with a bit of embracement, there is little reason why you should not be able to reinvigorate your libido for a more fulfilling sex life.

Contraception and female libido

There is lots of evidence to suggest women's libido can be dampened by the contraceptive pill. Going on the pill prevents ovulation, which often heightens women's desire for sex. Testosterone plays a major role in the female sex drive, as well as in males', but the pill tends to cut the body's supply of this vital hormone. If you think the pill is curbing your desire for sex, think about your other contraception options. Barrier contraceptives are sometimes overlooked because couples are worried about their effectiveness. However, if used properly condoms are around 98 per cent effective, compared to 99 per cent for the pill.

It's not the pill, it's something else

Okay so maybe the pill isn't impacting your sex life. In both women and men, desire for sex is based on physical and emotional factors. If either of you are stressed or worried, this can have a devastating effect on the amount of bang you bring to the bedroom. Think about sex as a stress relief method though and you might help to alleviate your anxieties during a romp. Regular intercourse can also trigger women's bodies to release more testosterone, driving up their desire for sex. So it seems, sex can also be part of the solution to a low libido.

Are you having troubles reaching orgasm?

If you aren't reaching orgasm during sex then this could be a reason why your libido is low. After all, many of us wouldn't bother with an exercise that didn't bring us the full pleasure it promised. Yes you might get a little excitement out of a quick romp, but the job's only half done if you don't get to experience a full-blown orgasm. This not only involves the attentiveness of your partner, but commitment on your part too. There's a lot of talk about women needing to be in the right mind frame to orgasm and this is often true. Remember to relax during sex and to concentrate on your own needs. Sometimes worrying about your partner coming is enough to put you off. Take pleasure in the activity and don't be afraid to put in a bit of leg work too, whether that is suggesting changes in position or taking a more proactive approach in the bedroom generally.

Get creative

Has it been the standard missionary position since day one? Perhaps you experimented at the beginning but now get straight to the 'old reliables' simply to get it over with. This is not the attitude you should have to sex. It is meant to be exciting and fulfilling so if you find it boring, sensitively bring your concerns to your partner. Don't blame him but find out if he is happy with how your sex life is going. Together discover new scenarios and positions that keep the spice going in the bedroom. Creativity is the key to keeping things interesting and once sex becomes exciting again, your libido should rise right up to match it.