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Tips to Increase Low Libido in Women

Losing libido is a common problem faced by women. It might be due to various reasons, but what matters is how you can get it back. Sometimes communicating with your partner can help, while some other time if might just be more sex that you need. Don’t let your low libido spoil your relationship, tame it with following tips.

Have you recently been experiencing low sex-drive? Perhaps you have spent a long time failing to enjoy so-called 'fun' between the sheets? Why? It might be to do with ageing, dissatisfaction in your relationship or other common causes. However, what you need to remember is that you do not need to suffer with a low libido all your life as there can be a number of ways to solve the problem. After all, sex is not just about pleasing your partner; it is also about getting the most out of it for you.

Anxiety about sex

One of the biggest turn-offs can be worrying about sex. Concerns about your partner’s relaxation and making sure you are performing in the way he expects can have an impact on your own pleasure levels. The solution is stop worrying. If you're with someone who cares, he will want you to orgasm as much as you want him to. Remember, both partners get satisfaction from knowing they brought their other half to climax. Take your mind off his pleasure and concentrate on yours. Once you do start enjoying sex again, he'll notice and be pleased too so you're both winners.

A little leads to a lot

Women and men's sex drive is linked to testosterone. Because men have 20 times as much testosterone as women, it is generally believed they have a higher libido. This does not have to be true though. Indeed, having sex can be enough to increase your libido. The reason is that intercourse stimulates testosterone production so the more you do it, the more you might want it. That's the type of catch-22 that should be music to your ears. Adopt a relaxed approach to sex and try to enjoy it. This should help ease you into a pattern of having it more often, thereby improving your sex drive.

Stress and tiredness

Everyone is guilty of bringing their work home. Over-working can boost stress levels though and leave you feeling exhausted, which is hardly the sexiest of feelings. Sex is physically demanding so you need your rest to enjoy it. You also need to learn to relax and unwind to help you switch off from work or other stressors. Sex can be a way to relieve stress but you also need to be in a mind frame to enjoy it. Sometimes an adult movie can help get couples in the mood. A glass of wine might also help with unwinding. Find out what helps you de-stress and turns you on.

The relationship has lost its spark

A common problem for a lot of couples is loss of spark, with the magic often running out after the honeymoon period has ended. This doesn't have to be the end of the relationship though, unless you've become completely disinterested in your partner. All you need is to make things more exciting once more. That might mean using sex toys and sex games to spice things up in the bedroom. Or it could involve spending more, or less, time together. Inject a little romance back into the relationship. This is the 21st century - don't wait for your partner to do it. Surprise him with a treat he enjoys and he'll soon get the message you're trying to make the relationship interesting again.