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How Can I Improve My Semen Taste At Home?

Does you partner dislikes the taste of your semen? If yes, worry not. Here are some simple ways you can use to improve your semen taste at home.

Many men are concerned about the taste of their semen, especially when it comes to oral sex with their partner. Indeed, most people will want to ensure that their partner is having as much fun between the sheets as they are. So, if you are contemplating oral sex with your other half but are unsure of how it will taste, there are a few ways you make improvements.

When thinking about your taste, take into account semen odour. This is something you can do by yourself without having to get too up, close and personal with your ejaculate. If the semen smells really bad, this is a good indication it would not taste good either. In fact, very unpleasant smelling semen could be a sign of infection. In that case, thoughts of oral sex should be nipped in the bud until you get a doctor's opinion on your sexual health.

However, if your semen has no intense smell then it's probably as normal as any man can expect it to be. If you really want to ensure it tastes good though, it is worth altering your diet to see if it affects the taste. Just two per cent of ejaculate is made up of sperm, while the majority of it is, in fact, water. The fluid is also packed with a variety of nutrients, including protein, sugar, salt and vitamins. So it seems there could be a link between your diet and semen taste.

Keep a food diary

The first step to making changes is to identify where you are going wrong in the first place. If you are really serious about overhauling your diet in order to make your semen taste better, then it might be worth keeping a food diary. This will help you keep track of the foods and drinks you are consuming that might be having a negative impact on how your semen tastes. Just fill it in at the end of the day to ensure you don't miss out on any snacks.

Foods to avoid

Now, take a look at what foods are prevalent in your diet? Are there many artificial and processed foods? If there are, then cut back on them as soon as possible. These are loaded with chemicals and preservatives that are not only bad for your semen taste, but also poor for your health. It is worth remembering that like all elements of health, a balanced diet is the key to ensure your semen tastes okay.

What to eat?

The next step is to think about what is missing in your diet? Does it include your five-a-day? Are you having plenty of fresh foods and juices? If not, begin introducing more fruit and vegetables to your meals. Steer clear of asparagus and broccoli though it you want your semen to taste good. On the other hand, celery, parsley and lemon can all help to make your semen taste sweeter.


When it comes to drinks, you are more than welcome to enjoy fresh fruit juices that are filled with natural sweeteners. Making your own will help to ensure no unwanted additives get into the mix. Caffeine and alcohol consumption should also be reduced for better tasting semen. Give yourself around a day before embarking on oral sex, however, if you want the dietary changes to take effect on your semen taste.