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5 steps to a well-groomed and healthy penis

Keeping your penis and genitals clean and well-groomed will not only keep you fresh but will also keep you away from bad odour and infections. Here are some tips for men on how to spruce up.

Humans have evolved over time and have become more sophisticated. Dirty nails, uncut hair and shabby clothing are now considered a sign of unhealthy living. With time sex has also become different. There was time when it started with intercourse and ended at climax. But now, things have changed and foreplay has become an important part of the activity. Keeping your private parts clean and well-groomed has become a necessity if you want your partner to go places.

While women tend to be very cautious about grooming their private parts, men seem to care less about it. Bad odour, untrimmed pubic hair and rough penis skin are common problems with many men. They don’t realise that it might be the very reason that they are without a partner or are facing difficulty continuing a relation for long. Here are some penis care steps that all men must follow to get the healthy penis:

Trim it up

Bushes in pubic area just mean that you don’t care about it. If you want you women to have a clean shaved vagina, women expect the same from you. Wash the area properly and start trimming it up. Use scissors or hair clippers to clean of the area. You can use razor or trimmer but be really careful while doing that. If you are willing to use razor, don’t forget the lather the area before doing so. It might get itchy after few days of trimming. Use a moisturising lotion to sooth your skin. Trimming pubic hair will not only avoid bad odour and infections, but it will also make your package look naturally bigger.

Clean it daily

Don’t miss out on basic hygiene. Like rest of your body parts, your crotch also needs proper cleaning. So, soap it up while you take shower and don’t forget to clear the smegma deposit underneath foreskin. Regular cleaning with soap and water is the key to keep bad odour and infections at bay. Be gentle while cleaning the shaft and don’t even think of scrubbing. No matter how much you like it, douching isn’t good. Rinse the area to remove the dirt or sweat but don’t douche. It might look easy and helpful, but douching actually strips your pubic area of essential moisture.

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Nourish the penile skin

Penis skin is quite delicate and it can easily get rough and dry. After cleaning the penis properly, you shouldn’t forget about applying moisturising lotion or oil on it. There are many products available on the market that can be used for this purpose. You can even use your regular moisturising cream to smooth the dry skin. Make sure that you gently dab the cream on the penis. Don’t press or massage too hard.

Use male enhancement products

Now the cleaning has already been taken care of, you would want to ensure that your penis functions properly. Getting a hard erection and performing well in the bed are also signs of healthy penis. For this you can consider taking enhancement supplements like Vimax or using topical sexual enhancers. Most men prefer using the topical formulation as it is safe and more effective. The best thing about using the topical product is that you get the results immediately.

Wear clean underwear

When it comes to maintaining penis cleanliness and hygiene, you can’t ignore the importance of clean underwear. Make sure your garment is not too tight otherwise it can cause itching and infection. Wearing boxers is always preferred as it keeps the heat off your testicles. Change the garment daily or twice a day it you sweat a lot in the area.