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Fixing premature ejaculation – Tips for instant results

Let’s be honest. Premature Ejaculation, if left untreated, can ruin your sex life. But, the good news is – You can fix it. Here is how you can fix premature ejaculation, not in months or days, but tonight.

Premature ejaculation might make you feel embarrassed. But, you are alone. Around 40% of all men have to deal with this issue. Not being able to last longer in bed often leads to low sex drive in men and can also reduce their self-esteem. For long time it has been believed that there is no cure for early ejaculation, however, this is far from truth. There are many ways a man can overcome ejaculation problems and enjoy a satisfying session in bed.

Here are some tips that can make men last longer in bed:

Put on a condom

If intense stimulation is the reason you ejaculate early, then putting on a condom can help you stay longer. Condom acts a barrier that is enough to help decrease sensation to the penis. There are several kinds of condoms available on the market, but thicker ones work best if your only aim is to last longer in bed. You can also consider using climax-control condoms that are made specifically for delaying male climax as long as five minutes. Avoid condoms with lubricants that are made for increasing sensations.

Urinate before sex

Some men orgasm prematurely just due to the excessive pressure that a full bladder puts on the penis. A simple trick to outsmart early ejaculation cause by a full bladder is to urinate before the act. When you're urinating, you can contract your PC muscle, stop mid-stream and hold for 10 seconds. This will help strengthen your pubococcygeus, or PC muscles.

Try desensitizing spray

Consider using a topical spray that contains a numbing agent like Lidocaine. Just spray the formulation on your penis before sex to ensure that you last for much longer. Stud 100 Delay Spray is a popular desensitizing product available on the market. The best thing about this spray is that it can be used along with condom. So, you don’t have to worry about the numbing effect of Lidocaine on your partner's vagina.

Change sex position

A great way to delay ejaculation temporarily is to change positions. When you switch to another sex position, you get a temporary break from the stimulation. Also, there are some sex positions that are highly stimulating for men. If you have premature ejaculation problem, then you must avoid them. Consider positions that cause lesser stimulations like women on top. Positions in which you can fully relax your body will help you last much longer than usual.

Use the Squeeze Method

When you are at the brink of climax, try squeezing the base of the penis. You can also ask your partner to do that for you. Squeezing the base of penis reduces erection and delays ejaculation. You can combine squeeze method with start-stop-technique for better results.