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Fertility Problems

Humans, just like any other animal, are hardwired to reproduce. We give birth to evolve the genetic codes and adapt to the environment continuously. Apart from this, it is also our social and emotional need to give birth and that’s where fertility problems can disappoint. Earlier, fertility problems were only associated with women, but with advent of science, it has been found that even men can experience fertility issues.

Fertility problems in women

Female reproductive system is much more complex than men’s and hence, there can be many bumps on the way of having a baby. Increasing age, irregular menstrual cycle, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, pelvic inflammatory disease and polycystic ovarian syndrome are some of the main causes of fertility problems in women. If you have been struggling with fertility for some time, only medical diagnosis can identify the reason behind it.

Making an appointment with doctor seems to be the most logical solution after trying for conception for over a year. But before that many women prefer taking fertility supplements to increase their chances of conception. Natural fertility aid supports reproductive health and regulates ovulation to improve conception chances gradually.

Fertility problems in men

Of all the cases of infertility, 30% are due to male fertility issues. It has been seen that mostly sperm disorder is to be blamed for decreased fertility in men. Low sperm count, slow sperm motility, or distorted sperm morphology reduce the chances of conception. Problem with sperm quality is mainly due to poor lifestyle. Smoking, drug abuse, drinking alcohol excessively, taking anabolic steroids, poor nutrition and weight issues can reduce sperm quality in men.

While making healthy choices and changing your lifestyle can help improve sperm count and quality, many men also prefer taking fertility supplement to optimise sperm health naturally. These supplements are formulated using herbs, vitamins and minerals that boost sperm production in the body, while supporting reproductive health.

Why choose fertility supplements?

To start with, these supplements are mainly formulated using natural ingredients, most of which have been used for centuries. When the age-old knowledge of herbs and modern-day quality control and testing meet, you get some really powerful and effective formulations. Moreover, when compared to methods like IVF and drug-options, natural supplements seem to be better to deal with fertility problems, especially if you are looking for something to start with basic level. In fact, they are also discreet and require no prescription from doctor. These supplements are not only cost-effective but can also reduce the risk of side effects. Although a doctor can best suggest how to deal with problem, many couples look for herbal support in fertility problems as they are proven to work and are safe.