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All about fertility problems in men and treatment options

Fertility problems, often thought as ‘women’s issue’, also affect lots of men. Couples unable to conceive a baby should get check-ups as couples since male fertility can be equally responsible for the problem. Learn more about male fertility problems and treatment options here.

When a couple is unable to conceive a baby even after practicing unprotected sex for more than a year, women are thought to be the reason for the problem. However, the reality is far from this. In more than 40% of infertile couples, fertility problems in men are the cause for inability to have a baby. Low sperm count, blockages and other problems in men can be hindering a couple from getting the joy out of parenthood. Although it can be embarrassing for most men to discover that they might be infertile, it is crucial to get tested early so that treatment can help.

What are the causes and treatments?

  • In some cases, blockages in the ducts that carry sperm may be stopping sperm from mixing with semen, which in turn prevents it from reaching egg. Blockage can be due to an infection, injury or congenital. It is impossible to know the blockage on your own; hence doctor’s assistant is required. Surgery can help remove the blockage, but chances of regaining fertility are only 50%. Surgery is rarely a possible solution for removing the blockage. In these cases, couple have to resort to in-vitro fertilisation (IVF), or intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) for having a baby.
  • Low sperm count, decreased sperm motility or unusual sperm shape can also contribute to the problem. Semen analysis can help diagnosing if sperm count is behind the fertility problem or not. If the test finds problems with sperm motility or shape, regular medication or supplements can be used for the treatment. However, in the case that a man is not producing any or sufficient amount of sperm, he can consider increasing seminal fluid by using supplements or go for donor insemination (DI), intrauterine insemination (IUI) or intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). These are all viable options available for helping you to conceive a baby.
  • Ejaculation problems in men can also prevent a couple from having a baby. Not ejaculating at the right time, diabetes or, more rarely, multiple sclerosis can cause this problem. In case of premature ejaculation or impotence, prescribed drugs or natural supplements can be used to treat the problem. Vibratory stimulants can also be used to aid ejaculation at the right time.
  • Enlarged veins in the scrotum, may also affect man’s ability to produce sperm. Scrotal pain or heaviness is usually the sign of big veins and doctors can easily spot it. In this case, surgery can be used to improve sperm count and quality. However, there is no surety of improving the chances of conception as the exact relation between enlarged veins and infertility hasn’t been established yet.
  • Lifestyle factors like smoking, excessive alcohol, drugs or steroids can also lead to fertility problems in some men. Experts believe that in most cases, these are the major problems behind the inability to have a baby. In some men, diet or low testosterone levels cause the problem. Doctors, in these cases, recommend adopting healthy lifestyles and taking fertility supplements to improve your chances of conception. You can buy ProXeed Plus in the UK online for supporting healthy sperm production and overall sexual health.

Common medical problems that reduce fertility in men

  • High fever affects sperm production and quality. Although it takes weeks to recover, it is a cause of infertility.
  • As diabetes and medication for its management cause problems with erection and ejaculation, in long-term it can affect fertility.
  • Stress brings a lot of hormonal changes in the body that can affect fertility.
  • Hypertension and coronary artery disease can cause erection problems, which can be one of the reasons behind not being able to have a baby.
  • Neurological disorders like multiple sclerosis, stroke or a spinal cord injury can also cause erection problem that in turn cause fertility problems in men.
  • Chronic renal failure can adversely affect sperm quality and fertility while causing erection problems.