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Can I change the taste of my semen?

Oral sex is increasingly becoming an integral part of healthy sex life. Swallowing ejaculate is often a part of oral sex, but partners complain that they don’t like the taste of semen. Is there any way to change the taste of your ejaculate? Read on to find out.

Oral sex is no longer a taboo topic for couples but that doesn't mean it's not a difficult subject to broach with your partner. In days gone by, it was unacceptable to bring up oral sex, but nowadays there's recognition that this forms part of a healthy sexual relationship. While this is positive for men and women's sex lives, there is the need to address more practical aspects of oral sex. One such issue is improving semen taste, which can influence whether or not your partner wants to swallow your ejaculate.

It is normal to be worried about discussing semen taste with your partner. After all, she may tell you something you don't want to hear. Sometimes the word 'metallic' is used to describe the taste of semen, which is hardly a compliment. If you really want oral sex to go well for both of you, however, you might have to talk about the taste of semen. If you don't, you'll never know if you're partner is okay with swallowing or not. Knowing they do like it though, could make sex far more pleasurable.

What affects semen taste?

Diet plays a major role in semen taste. Heavy drinking, high protein foods and a lack of fruit can all make ejaculate taste less than desirable. A balanced diet is paramount for health and it shows in the taste of your semen. If you are consuming all the wrong foods then don't expect your ejaculate to taste good. On the contrary, it could even smell bad, which is just as much a deterrent as poor taste. Indeed, it has been said that men who follow a vegetarian diet have better tasting semen.

What should I eat?

If you want to improve the taste of semen then consuming a wide range of citric fruits will help make it more swallowable. In fact, eating lots of fruit, especially pineapple, mango and more exotic varieties, should all make the taste of your semen better. Avoid alcohol and try to drink plenty of water too. Don't expect an overnight miracle either, but give the food a week or so to take effect. It should make your semen taste sweeter, taking the bitter edge off it. Another method some men consider is natural semen taste enhancers. These are supplements especially designed to make your ejaculate more appealing, and because they are entirely natural, should pose no side effects for you or your partner.

Practising safe oral sex

Although oral sex is exciting for both parties, you need to remember it can still facilitate the spread of sexually-transmitted infections (STIs). It is not just the 'giver' who is at risk of infection either, with sores on people's mouths potentially leading to the spread of herpes on the genitals. You and your partner should be tested for STIs before your first sexual experience together. If it is too late for that, however, you can still get checked now to ensure you are both healthy. Wearing a condom during oral sex will protect both you and your partner from infections, and if you are going to give her oral pleasure, dental dams come in handy with keeping you safe.