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Can you treat erectile dysfunction?

Men can experience erectile dysfunction for a number of different reasons, and it isn't always immediately clear exactly why they struggle to either get or maintain an erection.

There are various ways to tackle impotence

However, for other men their issues could be a result of medical treatments that they are taking, as some medicines have side effects which can have a negative impact on the libido and inhibit a man's ability to achieve an erection.

There are also psychological factors to consider, as depression, stress and anxiety can all play a part in causing erectile dysfunction - as well as relationship problems, a lack of sexual knowledge and past sexual problems.

Another thing worth remembering is that excessive alcohol intake, tiredness and illegal drugs can prevent a man from achieving or maintaining an erection too.

But if you do have a problem, the good news is that there are treatments for erectile dysfunction that have been proven to solve the issue, and the course of action that is best for you will depend on what is causing your condition.

For men who are struggling with erections as a result of diabetes or heart disease, once a doctor has prescribed you with suitable medication for your complaint they will then be able to tackle any erection problems.