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Do you need to boost your testosterone levels?

Testosterone is a sex hormone in men that is responsible for most of their body functions, especially reproductive functions. As men age, the level of this hormone begins to decline, which leads loss of interest in sex and various erection problems.

Lots of guys feel proud of their high testosterone levels that are thought to epitomise them as males. The truth is that the sex hormone is present in both men and women, although males have about 20 times more. It is important for building muscle mass and maintaining a high sex-drive. It also plays a major role in the production of sperm and the development of the male sex organs. In short, it's good for men to have high testosterone levels.

What might cause low testosterone levels?

There are a number of reasons why your testosterone levels may be lagging. Are you overweight? Carrying excess fat can deplete your testosterone stores, which in turn makes it more difficult to sculpt muscles. Working out for too long - more than 45 minutes - might also have a negative impact on your testosterone, the reason being that the body starts to increase its supply of cortisol, thereby reducing testosterone. Another reason may be overexposure to environmental estrogens, which mimic oestrogen in the body. These can be found in chemical products like washing agents and even your local water supply so try to avoid them where possible.

How can I boost my testosterone levels?

To boost testosterone levels, you first need to ensure you are getting the optimum seven to eight hours of sleep per night. This is not only vital for ensuring you are fully-functioning throughout the day, but also maintains a good supply of testosterone. Indeed, the average man can expect to produce between 4 and 10mg of testosterone each day.

As previously mentioned, anyone overweight should also look to shed pounds in order to get their testosterone levels in order. Exercise can help with weight loss and also helps to promote testosterone production, thereby offering double the benefits. Cutting back your carbohydrate intake in favour of more protein-packed foods could also help. Try starting the day with an egg for a decent protein kick.

Avoid excessive alcohol consumption. Many guys are guilty of going overboard from time to time but make sure this does not become part of your normal weekly routine if you want to keep those testosterone levels at a peak. Not only will regular drinking deplete your stores of the hormone, it will add to your daily calorie intake, making it harder for you to maintain a healthy weight.

Eat a balanced diet. Who said healthy eating is for girls? It's sensible, vital for a healthy weight and will have a positive impact on your testosterone levels. Cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli and cauliflower, are especially important so try adding these to your weekly meals where you can. A good variety of fruit and vegetables in general is great for your wellbeing and will help you maintain a high testosterone supply.

Maintaining the right testosterone levels generally comes down to common sense. It involves a balanced lifestyle of the right foods and exercise to stay healthy. Strength training also helps to boost testosterone levels and has the added benefit of turning flab in muscle so joining a gym, overhauling your diet and following some good honest clean living could have you in top condition in no time.