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Bathmate Hydro7 - Hercules

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Bathmate Hercules is penis pump that has been designed to increase penis size, while improving erection strength and stamina. This patented system uses the power of water to create vacuum around the penis, which forces the blood to rush into the penis chamber. Increased blood flow in the chamber results in increased penis size and stronger erections.

  • 95% of reported success rate
  • Increases your penis length and girth permanently
  • Can be used in bath or while taking shower
  • Just 15 minutes a day for optimal results
  • Medically approved by Dr James Barada, MD

Bathmate Hercules Penis Pump is world’s best-selling penis enlargement device. It is easy to wear, discreet and comfortable, which makes it one of the first choices of men across the world. The sleek design and high quality construction of this pump makes it one of a kind water hydraulic system that can be used at home to add inches to the penis.

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What is Bathmate Hercules and how does it work?

It is a hydro-pump that has been designed to enhance the size and performance of penis. Using the patented hydro-pump technology, this device helps increase the blood flow in the penis chamber, resulting in increased penis size. The device harnesses the power of water to create vacuum around the penis shaft. Vacuum draws more blood into the penis chamber, which enhances the erection size and triggers the formation of new cells that increases the size of penis permanently.

How to use Bathmate Hercules Penis Pump?

The best thing about Bathmate Hercules is that you can easily use it at the privacy of your home or in shower. Start by filling the cylinder with water and insert your penis in it. Seal the pump properly by bringing it close to your body. Begin pumping the water out until you feel the vacuum. Continue pumping or just keep wearing the pump for 15 minutes. After the pumping, press the release button and take your penis out.

How to clean this penis pump?

Cleaning the pump after every use is essential to maintain hygiene and reduce your chances of infections. To clean the Bathmate Hercules, fill the sink with water and drop the sterilising tablet in it. Once the tablet is dissolved, dip the pump into the water and leave for 20 minutes. Now, fill the pump with water and let it pass through it. Dry the device using clean cloth.

How soon can you start seeing the results?

Although the results vary from individual to individual, most users of the Bathmate Hercules Penis Pump start experiencing stronger and longer lasting erections within the first week of use. Visible increase in penis size is usually seen after around 6 weeks of regular pumping. Some users have even reported gain of 2 to 5 inches after 6 to 12 months of regular use of this penis pump.

Is Bathmate Hercules safe to use?

Like all other Bathmate penis pumps, Hercules has also been designed keeping user safety and comfort in mind. If used carefully as per the instructions, you are unlikely to experience any safety concerns. However, if you any discomfort while using the device, release the water and take your penis out immediately. Start again after waiting for a while.

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