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babystart FertilTests includes FertilCount Male Fertility and FertilCheck Female Fertility test kits. This allows couple, who are planning to conceive, to test their fertility at the comfort of their own home. With over 95% accuracy, these kits are one of the easiest ways to check fertility in men and women.

  • Helps test fertility privately and discreetly
  • Contains kit for both men and women
  • Test accuracy over 95%
  • Next Day delivery available

This fertility test kit is ideal for determining whether fertility treatment is necessary. With babystart FertilTests you can save the money you spend on doctor consultation and tests after that to check fertility. Now you can check the fertility yourself at home with this kit.

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What is babystart FertilTests?

This fertility kit is the perfect starter for couples wanting to conceive a baby, but are struggling to do so. babystart FertilTest kit comes with a male and female fertility kit that can easily determine whether fertility treatment is needed or not. With this kit, couples can check their fertility quickly at home without having to spend pounds in the clinic.

How does the kit work?

The male fertility test kit helps identify sperm concentration. According to World Health Organisation (WHO), a male is fertile of his semen contains 15 million sperms per millilitre. So, this test stains the cells in your semen sample to produce a colour in a pre-treated sample well, which is then compared to reference chart on know the results.

In case of female fertility test, the level of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) is measured through the test kit. Higher the concentration of hormones, lesser is your chance to conceive.

Using babystart FertilTests

It is simple to use these fertility test kits. In case of male test, collect your semen sample in the special cup and wait 15 minutes before adding the semen plus solution to the test cassette. Results can be read after 15 minutes.

For female test, remove the strip from the foil pouch and dip it into a urine sample for 15 seconds. Lay the fertility test flat for five minutes and read the results.

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