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causes of erectile dysfunction

Why it's difficult for some men to get or maintain an erection

Indeed, although plenty of men will understand the negative impact that drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can have on their sexual performance, not all will know the other reasons why they could experience the issue.

Among the physical explanations for erectile dysfunction are hormonal conditions - chemical imbalances in the body that can prevent a man from either getting or maintaining an erection.

A problem such as this can sometimes be tackled by medication, with the likes of Viagra and penis pumps able to stimulate blood flow to the penis, although in some instances this may not be appropriate.

Indeed, another main cause of erectile dysfunction is the narrowing of the blood vessels leading to the penis - most commonly associated with high cholesterol or diabetes - as this can restrict the flow of blood and prevent a man from achieving an erection.

Conditions such as Peyronie's disease are also a physical cause of the issue, while neurogenic problems like multiple sclerosis can be a reason for a man experiencing erectile dysfunction.

However, psychological factors can play a role too, with depression being one of the main causes of the condition, and this is sometimes linked to emotional strain that can result from relationship problems or a lack of sexual knowledge.

And while all of these causes will only affect certain people, tiredness can be a common reason for men to have difficulty in getting an erection, while more obvious explanations involve the use of illegal drugs such as cannabis, heroin or cocaine that can have an impact too.

With various treatments for erectile dysfunction available, it's important that people take steps to understand what could be causing their problem before trying to rectify the issue.