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Have you ever thought about taking your sexual performance to next level? Vimax supplement, jam-packed with rich natural ingredients, could be your ultimate solution to bring vigour to your sexual performance. Your search for the most effective and safest supplements for male enhancement and improve your sexual libido ends with Vimax pills. With the proven powerful effects of these pills, your desire to boost your sexual desire will no longer be an unfulfilled fantasy.

  • All natural ingredients that support healthy blood flow to your penis
  • Helps enhance your sexual libido
  • Helps gain stronger and firmer erections
  • Adds to your stamina and power
  • Helps increase the frequency of intense orgasms
  • Helps to elevate the level of pleasure and satisfaction
  • 100% natural, safe and quite effective

Vimax pills comprise of 9 superior ingredients that help support necessary blood flow to the penis. All you need to do is take one capsule a day and you will feel the difference in your sex life in a few good weeks. Now you can feel the immense sexual stamina and excitement needed to put off the excellent performance that truly gives pleasurable moments of unbelievable satisfaction.

If you are serious about making terrific sex your daily pleasure, simply choose the discreet way to purchase Vimax pills in UK by clicking on ‘Add to Basket’.


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What are Vimax Pills for?

Oral medications have often been the first line of treatment for male enhancement. Even those who say that size does not matter might have thought for once about trying to increase it. A healthy and natural way to help raise the sex drive, treat erectile dysfunction and increase the penile size, all these to improve the sexual performance is with these pills. One such natural male enhancement supplement is Vimax. There are many success stories and medical advices given on these pills which have been there for more than 11 years on marketplace now.

Vimax pills are male enhancement dietary supplement made of powerful and effective natural extracts that have been used for centuries to improve male sexual performance. These work essentially by increasing and improving blood flow into the genital region. Such pills have therefore turned out to be the best ever alternative to chemically-loaded drugs.

How does it work?

There are no two ways about the fact that effectiveness of Vimax pills rests on its unique combination of herbs. These herbal ingredients have been selected to solve different sexual concerns common in men such as erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual desire, inadequate penis dimensions and erections.

The penis has two chambers which are known as corpus cavernosa. These appear somewhat like sponges which are filled entirely with erectile tissue. The corpus cavernosa is surrounded by Tunica albuginea, a membrane that helps to retain the blood inside the corpus cavernosum to bring out erections. The aim of the ingredients used in Vimax is to increase the blood circulation to this penile tissue, more specifically to Corpora Cavernosa. So when it is able to improve blood flow, there are new cells formed inside the chamber. While more blood encourages larger, bigger and harder erections, new cells can allow penis to become bigger, longer, firmer and stronger. Because of the safety and ease of this natural solution, men who want to experience visible growth can use Vimax even without any doctor’s recommendations. Enriched with clinically tested potent ingredients, it is something that men can boast of because of its incredible effects and its ability to enhance libido and sexual intimacy without worrying about possible side effects.

When can I expect its effects?

The great thing about choosing this type of penis enhancement product is that once obtained the results can be seen on a permanent basis. So when the penis gets bigger in length and girth with Vimax, it effects may not subside as time pass if you stop using it. But to allow the 100% natural and safe ingredients to show their full potentials, it is recommended to use the pills for at least 5 to 6 months. On following the course consistently with just one capsule a day, improvements could be experienced week by week.

What are key ingredients in Vimax?

The natural ingredients used in the formula of Vimax male dietary supplement are all in their own different way responsible for increasing penis girth and length. Time has come to reveal the main ingredients which can help to offer a permanent penis size enlargement and additional benefits:

Epimedium Sagittatum

Also commonly called horny goat weed, this herb is considered as a key ingredient for penis growth, sexual arousal and improved sexual performance and erection function as per some physicians.

Epimedium Sagittatum is seen as an effective natural aphrodisiac that works by supplementing the release testosterone for a more pleasurable sexual experience of great endurance.


By stimulating both mental and physical activity this ingredient can keep one peeped up during the sexual activity. With this, Ginseng is also a powerful regulator of blood flow that helps to tackle erectile dysfunction naturally. By promoting the development of new nerve tissues, it rejuvenates the body altogether. It is the key component, Ginsenosides of this plant which offers better blood flow to the brain as well as penis.


This ingredient has one main characteristic of improving blood flow to the brain for which it is used in Vimax. In addition to promoting blood flow to brain, it can also facilitate better circulation to genitals enhancing sexual performance.

Saw Palmetto

To enhance the male libido, the pills included saw palmetto which also increases sexual energy. This is why it is known for having aphrodisiac effects.

Cayenne Fruit

Along with weight loss benefits, this herb has proved to be quite beneficial for male enhancement and improved sexual response by regulation of blood circulation.

Who can take Vimax and how?

There is no such age barrier when it comes to taking this natural supplement; any adult man (above 18 years) at any age can feel the power and satisfaction furnished by Vimax pills. Moreover, its practical results help eliminate the prejudice that only those men who want to increase the size of their penis can take this. On the contrary, if it is about sexual libido and adding passion to your performance, this potent supplement could be what you need.


One pill a day taken after a meal with plenty of water is enough to obtain the best results. It is better to consume the pill 30 minutes prior a sexual intercourse if it is planned one. It is recommended to take a Vimax Pill daily to receive the real benefits without exceeding the suggested dose.

What about safety?

Only the highest quality herbal ingredients from around the world are used to formulate these pills. Hence, it doesn't have any adverse side effects and is safe for men of all ages. However, you are advised to check all the ingredients carefully to make sure you are not allergic to any of them before placing the order for Vimax pills in UK.

Why settle for Vimax?

Because of the safety and effectiveness offered by this natural supplement, men who want to experience visible growth can take it even without any doctor’s recommendations. Enriched with clinically tested potent ingredients, it is something that men can boast of because of its incredible effects and its ability to enhance libido and sexual intimacy without worrying about possible side effects. You can make an online purchase and get discreet delivery, which makes it even more convenient to buy.

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I need vimax medicine my penis is very short

Today 22 feb 2014 received my percel. I start from today.Let see what happens.I will be back.


i want send for me a vimax


can definitely feel an increase in blood flow to the penis, it now shoots up whenever i feel excited.

highly recomend this product to ay guy who wants to have better sex life

anyone who is like me and feel down after a bad experience in the bedroom, your worries are now solved.

I haven’t started using it yet but would like to congratulate these guys on their service. Truly excellent… I’ll be in touch soon to comment on the results. So far so good

I am buying from here for the first time because my normal website is out of stock. I’m kind of glad as these guys have delivery and its fast. As for Vimax I can’t really complain. Its always served me well.

Just received mine through the post! Great delivery… I’ll be back shortly to let u know how I’m getting on but judging by other reviews, it should be thumbs up.

Truly impressed by how discreet sexualsupplement is. Vry gratefull for your service. Been using vimax for a month now and so far no enlargement but I am having better erections and I do last longer so its looking good so far.