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VigRX Delay Spray 50 | Discreet Control Spray


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VigRX™ Delay Spray is a local desensitising spray used to delay climax and prolong your sexual experience. The local numbing from the active ingredient benzocaine allows for enough desensitisation to prolong climax, but not too much so the user is completely desensitised and can’t feel. The Delay spray enables the user to rid thoughts of anxiety and enjoy the moment more as a result of its effectiveness.


The VigRX™ Delay Spray combines a variety of active ingredients that have been reported to help boost the confidence of males between the sheets and general male virility. The Delay Spray is completely odourless and tasteless enabling complete discretion when using the product. The active numbing ingredient Benzocaine has been used in condoms for several years in aiding men to prolong sexual activity. When the Delay Spray is administered, it will take around 10 minutes to be absorbed and its mild and relaxing anaesthetic feeling to be felt.


Provides increased stamina just 10 minutes after application and can be safely used with condoms.

The well-known and trusted name of VigRX ™ have been the best seller in the market for over 15 years

Discreet- completely tasteless and odour free

A 50 ml bottle contains approximately 500 sprays – less than a penny per spray.


VigRX™ Delay Spray and the VigRX brand have always had customer safety as a top priority when it comes to their products. The VigRX™ Delay Spray should not pose any risk of any side effects, but we recommend that you check the ingredients label for any risk of allergic reaction and contact your doctor if any questions are raised. Keep out of reach of children and wash the product off with hot water if you experience any skin irritation. You should not apply the spray to broken skin.


Order VigRX™ Delay Spray by clicking the ‘add to basket’ icon and follow the simple checkout procedure giving you multiple payment and delivery methods to suit whatever method you want. At SexualSupplement.co.uk we consider your privacy to be… well private and all our products come in unbranded and discreet packaging.

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I have been using these delay sprays for a while now and after a lot of trial and error this is definetly the best delay spray i have ever used. It numbs enough so you don't climax quick, but not too much that you can't feel a thing like most sprays! Great product that I've bought more than once.

Amazing delay spray, the spray leaves no taste.. I am told!

Thank you sexualsupplement for this spray, it really has saved me.

Good product, VigRX have delivered again.

Good, but didnt last too long for me. I reapplied and it was fine though.

Excellent spray

I bought this for my husband as we discussed we wanted for both of us a longer sexual experience. It has really made us more adventurous in the bedroom and he lasts a lot longer now. Best stocking filler I have ever gotten haha!

This spray is easily the best on the market. I didnt even think these worked well or at all, but I have been proven wrong.

Good, I like this. They ship to me in Poland to.