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ViaGel for Men

ViaGel for Men is topical stimulating gel that improves the sensitivity of the penis and enhances blood circulation. This gel helps boost arousal and orgasm intensity in less than a minute. Just apply the gel directly over your penis and make intercourse more passionate.

  • Help men get a harder and longer-lasting erection
  • Enhances penis sensations and intensifies sexual pleasure
  • Doesn’t desensitise your or your partner’s genitals
  • Safe to be used with latex condoms
  • Can be used during oral sex

After the success of ViaGel for Women, the company introduced ViaGel for Men to help couples redefine sexual encounters. Order this stimulating gel now to increase your sexual appetite and maximise pleasure.


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What is ViaGel for Men and how does it work?

It is a popular stimulating gel for the penis that enhances sensitivity and enables men to get a harder erection. Using this gel before sexual activity, helps intensifies sensitivity and makes penetration easier and intense. Enriched with Arnica Montana Extract, this gel increases the production of nitric oxide that relaxes blood vessels, allowing them to pump more blood to penile chambers. Menthol in the formulation offers a tingling experience.

How can it help you?

Viagel for Men helps enhance penis sensitivity and make penetration intense. The ingredients in this stimulating gel help promote blood flow to the penis, help increase the firmness of your erection. It also improves sexual response by increasing the sensitivity of penis. Thanks to its pleasant smell and palatable taste, it makes for an ideal product to be used for oral sex.


Panax Ginseng has been used for hundreds of years, its traditionally used to increase energy in the body but was shown to be effective as an aphrodisiac effect, increasing sexual desire.

Cistanche Deserticola is a powerful aphrodisiac found mainly in Japan, its know to be effective in increase the female libido.

Goji Berries, also recognised as Wolfberry, are used in various sexual related products, bringing benefits to both men and women. It is a powerful source rich in vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, selenium, vitamin C and B2.

All the ingredients in the GoldMax Pink take 45 minutes to take effect, take only one pill and wait for 45 minutes to experience the benefits.

Directions to use

The best thing about ViaGel for Men is that it is easy to use. You just have to take few drop of the gel and massage it all over your penis. Getting a stronger and longer-lasting erection can’t get easier than this. You can also use this pleasant smelling and tasting gel for oral sex without worrying about any side-effects.

Are there any side-effects?

ViaGel for Men has no reported side effects. Unlike other stimulating gels, it is partner-friendly. In fact, the gel is also safe to be used with latex condoms.

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sex is amazing with this

i love the feeling of my cock tingling when i apply the gel, the warmth of insertion into my girl is so intesified its amazing.

it works hard and fast, my soldier stands on attention.

hightened sensitivity, hightened pleasure and my orgasms are stronger

my girl loves that im using this, i cant hold back the moaning from how good it feels, apparently before i was quiet.

I get my gal apply the gel over my shaft. It is so intimate and fun. Worth trying

oral is just amazing with this gel…completely different, completely wonderful

the titillating effect is quite arousing. Highly recommended