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Ultra Vimax Plus

A new revolutionary advanced formula created from the renowned makers of the original Vimax male virility supplement. Ultra Vimax Plus is designed to specifically assist in improving circulation around your body and this directly improves strength, size and stamina. The manufacturer has clinically tested data that help claim it can aid men in improving strength and particularly penis size. We are unable to use these claims due to EU regulatory reasons but clinical evidence is readily available from multiple reputable sources. We urge repeat customers to make sure every product bought has a unique serial number and hologram so you know the product is legitimate.

  • 100% authentic product – unique serial number & hologram
  • Supports male virility & performance
  • New advanced botanical formula
  • 100% natural ingredients – no known side effects
  • Discreet packaging
  • Easy to use, just one capsule daily
  • Free UK Delivery

The Vimax brand is manufactured and formulated in Canada and has been the number one seller in its market for many years carrying the torch for its effectiveness and results. It is suggested you take the supplement daily after a meal for at least 3 months before you judge the effectiveness for yourself. Please note that many users experience change before this but some do not and we at ShytoBuy want customers to see the best results. If you are taking any medication for blood pressure, we recommend you talk to your doctor raising any concerns beforehand. At ShytoBuy we believe in your privacy and discretion right until you open the product and we follow this through right to delivery. No signs of the product will be on your statement and the packaging will be unbranded and discreet so your privacy is well… private!


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The new advanced Ultra Vimax Plus formula contains precise measurements of carefully selected ingredients that aid in male virility and performance. The ingredients complement one another and increase each other potencies by aiding each ingredients purpose in the new formula resulting in why Vimax has been a market leader in its industry for many years. Below are two of the main active ingredients in Ultra Vimax Plus.


Before choosing your desired course, we recommend that users do the full 3 months to see optimal results. Please also note that SexualSupplement.co.uk never sells substitute products and your Ultra Vimax Plus course will come with an authenticity hologram and a unique serial code for each bottle produced that can be checked for authenticity. Due to the recommendation of Vimax SexualSupplement.co.uk have created some big savings for multipack sales. At the top of the page you can see a price table of each course.

The cayenne pepper originates from the Cayenne region of French Guiana. The pepper itself has many beneficial properties, especially linking to sexual performance and libido. Cayenne pepper possess the ability to increase circulation all over the body thus giving more confidence to males whilst enhancing their sexual performance. Other health benefits of the Cayenne pepper include boosting immunity, eliminating fungal pathogens and help sooth digestive ulcers.
The ginkgo biloba tree is one of the oldest species of tree to still grace our earth. The oldest tree recorded living is in China, still standing tall after 3,500 years. The tree is traditionally native of South East Asia and was brought to the West in what’s believed the 1700’s. The beneficial properties the Ginkgo Biloba gives are increasing focus, aiding mood and memory, but most importantly increasing blood circulation. The increased blood circulation helps to enhance the strength, size and firmness of your penis and the overall performance within males


The manufacturer has taken every aspect into consideration when making this new advanced formula and just one easy to swallow capsule a day in the morning with breakfast is enough to help boost male performance and help increase male virility. Gain your confidence back in the sheets and eliminate your sexual anxieties today with just one capsule daily.


This new advanced formula is made from entirely natural active ingredients that have been used in homeopathic remedies and tonics for decades. No known side effects are associated with Vimax but as always we recommend you check the label for any allergens or allergic ingredients before taking the product. If any questions are raised with this matter, contact your local doctor.


Ordering from SexualSupplement.co.uk couldn’t be easier. Simple click on the ‘add to basket’ icon and follow the simple checkout procedure choosing from several delivery and payments methods to suit your needs. SexualSupplement.co.uk believe in privacy and discretion and have taken this right to delivering the product. The product will not show on any card statements and the product will come in an unbranded and discreet form of packaging so your privacy is always intact.

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I have been trying this Ultra Vimax Plus now for 2 months and I can really see a difference in my size and stamina. I'm a little disappointed I didn't buy the 3 month pack. Would buy again.

I was a user of the older Vimax supplement and it helped my confidence a lot - after trying this I won't be turning back. The new vimax seems to be giving me more stamina and I can feel a difference when I take it! It a bit pricey, but it does what it say... for once.

Just bought this after receiving an order of counterfeit goods from amazon seller. The fact these products are registered and have a hologram makes me feel more comfortable that i'm taking what I purchased. The customer service at shytobuy was good as well answering a few questions I needed clarifying before purchasing. Great seller, great product!

Been using a month now and i feel a slight difference. I will continue to take it and hope i see more difference!

Excellent product and the pills are small, which is good for me as I hate swallowing large pills.

I bought the product and was notified it was out of stock! They told me it would take 3 more working days and postage would be free for next day delivery when the product came into shytobuy warehouse and was shocked when it came on time! I've had a lot of hassle from other sites with supplements taking a while to be delivered. The only reason I'll give it 4 stars is because it was out of stock when i bought - i guess the products quite popular! Will leave a user experience review when I do the course.

Recently me and my husband have been having intimacy problems so I decided to take it upon myself to buy a product after some research. I have to say the product has really been working with my husband and we have our mojo back! Happy as ever with shytobuy with this product

Okay product, made me bigger by a bit but have been taking for nearly 3 months now and expected my size to be much bigger!

Good Product. Wifes happy ;)