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Stud 100 

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Stud 100 is a topical spray that has been specially designed to help men last longer in bed. It is a quick acting formulation that needs to be applied to the penis just 5 to 15 minutes before sex. Developed in a leading UK facility, the spray conforms all the FDA regulations and has been approved by prominent health authorities.

  • Convenient and discreet – easily fits in pocket
  • Quick absorption properties for longer lasting control
  • Contains Lidocaine – a safe topical anaesthetic
  • Pump-action spray for ease of application
  • Easy to wash off after intercourse
  • Condom friendly and suitable for oral sex

This delay spray can be your perfect companion if you wish to add fire to your otherwise regular sex life. Stud 100 delay spray is non-toxic, odourless and environment friendly. If you are looking to last longer in bed and enjoy a more satisfying sex, order this delay spray now with Sexual Supplement. Remember, if you place your order by 4 pm on any working day, you can get your product delivered the very next day.

What is a Delay Spray?

Men with premature ejaculation typically ejaculate within a minute of intercourse and those with rapid ejaculation last more than a minute but rarely more than three. In either condition, the sexual performance seems to end much before the couple expected it too. This is when a Penis desensitizing spray or Delay Spray can prove to be a useful tool for men. Along with premature ejaculation, this may also allow them to boost stamina and prolong performance in bed. If you take care about the anxiety or a lack of arousal control, delay sprays can tackle early ejaculation caused by physical sensitivity. There is no magic formula but mild anesthetics that make delay creams and sprays improve a man’s endurance. Stud 100 is one such popular male desensitizing sprays of ShytoBuy that helps you keep going strong for longer. Despite being an immediate and effective solution in many cases, using delay sprays could be a lot more advantageous.

How does Stud 100 spray work?

The main active ingredient of Stud 100 is Lidocaine, which is a popular anaesthetic that has been used to deal with premature ejaculation for years. Lidocaine is quickly absorbed below the surface of the skin where the nerve endings that control ejaculation are present. It desensitizes the penis to ensure that you last for much longer.

Stud 100 vs other delay sprays

There are many delay sprays available on the market, but Stud 100 for men is highly sought after. The reason for its prominence is unlike other products it is formulated with absorption technology that lets lidocaine reach nerves under the skin that are responsible for ejaculation. This allows for stronger and more intense sensation on the top layer of the skin, which makes sex pleasure while making you last longer in bed.

How to use this delay spray for men?

For best results, you should spray Stud 100 on the head and shaft of your penis 5 - 15 minutes before sexual activity. 3 sprays on the most sensitive areas of the penis are enough to delay orgasm in most men. If you wish to indulge in oral sex, 2 sprays should be fine that too around 15 to 20 minutes before sexual activity.

Does Stud 100 require a prescription?

Because of the fact that this delay spray contains only a small portion of desensitizing elements, you have a significant advantage of not obtaining a prescription for them. You can escape the awkwardness of a doctor’s visit and still be able to take control of your sexual concerns. In case you are looking for a safe way to reduce the sensitivity of you penis without a prescription, Stud 100 may help to control problems like premature ejaculation and be the right rescuer you are looking for.

Is Stud 100 safe?

Simply put, yes this delay spray is completely safe. Thanks to the natural formulation, it doesn’t cause any harmful reactions on penis. In fact, clinical tests have shown that it has no harmful effects or women as well. However, you should avoid using the spray if your partner is pregnant. When it comes to oral sex, you can use freely the spray. Just apply it a bit earlier than usual and don’t spray excessively.

Order Stud 100 delay spray now

If you wish to control your climax to last much longer, then place your order for Stud 100 now. You can simply begin by clicking ‘Add to Basket’ option. We understand that premature ejaculation can be an embarrassing problem and you want to keep things discreet. This is why we offer secure transaction and discreet delivery, wherein your order is dispatched in a plain packaging without the mention of product and the website name.

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Vernan says:

works so fast, i cant believe it its like a magical cock spray

Angelo says:

my wife is so happy now, i spray this on 15 minutes before i get into bed at night, 4-5 minutes later and im ready to go

Corey Deen says:

i still need to play with myself to get it hard, it doesnt just shoot up from the spray, but once its up its really up

Ali says:

this saved my life, now i can go out and pick up a girl and go back to her place without dissapointing her and myself, i quickly go to th bathroom for 5 minutes before anything happens, by the time we get to bed my manhood is rock solid and im ready to go, its made me feel so much more confident.

abk_990 says:

confidence booster thats for sure, this has made me feel like a professional again ;)

Mark87 says:

I was just too embarrassed to see doc for my problem. this spray helped me keep things discreet, it really works, even with condom on. great

Jamie says:

Got this for my husband after my friend suggested it. Sex has never been better I tell you. earlier we never lasted longer than 15 minutes in bed and now we go on and on.

Hamish says:

I tried various delay sprays but none of them were helpful,but this one worked. I like it. Ordering my second bottle now