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Semen Taste and Volume
Many men wonder if low semen volume and quality is even a real problem. Rarely would you have heard of such issues being discussed; however believe it or not, many men around the world experience problems related to semen that affect their sex life. This has prompted Sexual Supplement to come up with a special category dedicated to improving semen volume and taste.


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Increasing semen volume

Did you know that the orgasm intensity is influenced by semen volume? Orgasm is simply penis pulsations to ejaculate semen out of the body. More the semen volume more will be the pulsations required for emitting the semen out and more intense will be your orgasm. Many men think that their semen volume has gone down and is affecting their sexual pleasure.

There are various causes of low semen volume, ranging from hormonal imbalance to lifestyle choices. It is also common to notice a reduced semen volume with age, but low volume in younger men can be concerning, especially if you are planning for a baby. We have a range of natural semen volume pills that help support healthy semen production in the body.

These natural supplements are mainly formulated using herbs, minerals and vitamins that work by supporting the reproductive functions of the body. Wondering what are the benefits of these pills? Well, if you improve semen volume it may increase both strength and duration of your orgasm. Sperm quality and libido is also increased with regular intake of these pills. As only natural ingredients are used for formulation, there is no risk of any kind of side-effects.

Improving semen taste

If you’ve ever been told that your semen tastes bitter or salty, then you know how badly it can affect your self-esteem. When it comes to improving semen taste, changing diet, drinking lots of water and eating citrus fruits seem to be only options. However, not only would you have to consume dozens of citrus-rich fruits to get some considerable benefits, it will also take a lot of time.

At Sexual Supplement we have natural semen taste enhancers that can add flavour to your semen and make it more palatable for your partner. We have some really effective semen taste supplements that add exotic flavours to your semen and make it tastier. These supplements are formulated using high concentrations of natural compounds that are known to influence semen taste and odour.

So, if you wish to increase your semen volume and improve your semen taste, it is probably the perfect time to start doing so. With the natural supplement available with us, you can notice considerable changes within just weeks of use. However, you will see the real benefits when your orgasms become more intense and semen tastier. To discover more on product features and benefits, browse through our range of semen volume and taste products.

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