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Prelox® 60 | Male Virility Supplement


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What is Prelox?

Prelox is a popular supplement among men as it provides safe and natural way to help enhance sexual pleasure and performance, particularly those who are middle-aged and older. Its revolutionary formula combines L-Arginine and Pycnogenol, which together increase nitric oxide production, help support blood circulation and may help protect blood vessels from the damage caused by ageing. All these factors are essential for improving erectile quality and achieve the kind of pleasure and satisfaction you thought was diminishing with time.

Why do I need Prelox Tablets?

There are various factors which can affect your erectile function, age being a common one. As men get older his vascular responsiveness diminishes and decreases nitric oxide which plays an important role in regulating blood flow to the genital area. Nitric oxide does a lot for the body than create erections, it helps all those organs to function properly which thrives on proper blood circulation. Though there are other factors like chronic illness, poor lifestyle habits, poor blood flow, or fatigue which can alter your sexual health but when it is due to insufficient nitric oxide synthesis, Prelox comes into the picture.

Since nitric oxide is one of the vital elements to unblock a trapped artery and it can be generated from L-arginine, Prelox helps in supplementation with this amino acid. Each tablet contains a wonderful blend of L-Arginine and Pycnogenol which accelerates the process that converts L-arginine into nitric oxide to ease dilatation of arteries, enabling them to carry more blood volume. A combination of healthy lifestyle and a natural formula like Prelox, may contribute in a natural way, to better erections in men who begin to experience a decline of erectile quality.

What do the ingredients have to offer?

As you now know the two key ingredients of Prelox are L-Arginine and Pycnogenol. It contains L-arginine as complex which when combined with Pycnogenol gets converted into nitric oxide at a much faster rate. This increases the chance of opening up the locked arteries to then deliver blood volume sufficient for a healthy erection.

The potential benefits of Pycnogenol include:

  • Supports good blood circulation
  • Protects cells from oxidative damage

The supplement also contains Epimedium Sagittatum along with corn starch, vegetable cellulose, maltodextrin, croscarmellose sodium, vegetable stearate and silica that support the active ingredients to restore a healthy sex life.

How do I take Prelox tablets?

You can take this dietary supplement daily. Just 2 to 4 Prelox tablet a day with or shortly after the meal are all it takes. After two weeks, you can reduce the dosage to one or two pills a day. The initial high dosage is to ensure that you get the much needed support quickly and your body gets used to it.

Are there any side-effects?

Prelox is a natural formula with no artificial ingredients or drugs added. No side-effects have been reported by any of users of this pill, so you can take them without any concerns about the safety. Beyond anything, it supports the body’s own mechanism of nitric oxide to resume the natural process leading to an erection and doesn’t alter it. Just be careful if you are taking any prescription medications as then you will have to consult your doctor before taking this pill.

How soon can I expect it to show benefits?

As you know how smartly Prelox uses its active ingredients to work for improved erections. The L-Arginine is mostly used in male sexual supplements for providing an extra reserve of nitric oxide. Once this goes into your body in supplementation form L-Arginine begins working immediately in enhancing blood flow. But Prelox tablets believed in offering something more by adding a key component Pycnogenol, extracted from french maritime pine bark.

Pycnogenol accelerates the processing of nitric oxide through your blood stream. So now you can expect an initial improvement in the quality and duration of an erection more with combination of L-arginine and Pycnogenol in Prelox than an erectile dysfunction pill which contains L-arginine alone. However, to gain the maximum benefits from the pills, you will need to follow an uninterrupted course to allow the blood vessels to become more responsive. You can say the pill has worked when you become aroused and erect more easily and be able to sustain an erection for longer periods of time.

A Doctor’s Recommendation

"The nature of Prelox® is different. It is a daily dietary supplement that boosts overall sexual wellness and acts at an earlier step in the process leading to an erection. The product helps dilate blood vessels and restore normal nitric oxide function. This allows men to enjoy a more fulfilling sex life, including spontaneous arousal and stronger erectile quality." Says Dr Steven Lamm.

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Ive been using prelox for 6 months now. It was a slow starter for me but then got going well. No complaints.

Sexualsupplement, thanks you. Outstanding delivery but I cant comment on prelox yet.

I have been having some issues with erection strength for arounda year now and I didn’t want totry Viagra as ive heard of the side effects. I did my research and saw for Dr Lamm had been recommending this. I gae it a go and im surprised at the results. They are easy to take and ther results speak for them selves. Its worth a go.

Easy to take, does exactly what it says on the box!