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What is MaxMedix penis pump?

It is a pump that has been designed to help men enhance their penis size. This pump not only supports penis enlargement, but it also helps boost all aspects of sexual performance. With this pump, you can increase your erectile strength and combat problems like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. This penis pump system comes with a vacuum pump device, a multi speed vibrating control mechanism, a vibrating bullet, 10ml of lubricant, a cylinder, a latex pleasure sponge and a rubber connecting tube.

How does it work?

MaxMedix penis enlargement pump uses pressure of vacuum to draw more blood into the penis chamber. As soon as more blood fills the erectile tissues, they expand to increase penis size and strength. Regular use of the pump also helps overcome erectile dysfunction.

Direction to use

It is easy to use this penis pump. Attach one of the rubber mouths to the end of the cylinder. Now fix the pumping system on the opposite end of the cylinder. Insert your penis in the rubber mouth, but don’t forget to apply some lubricant before doing that. Use the pump to slowly pump the device. You can easily control the speed of the vibrating system. For optimal results, use the MaxMedix pump three to five times a week.

How long does it take to see results?

MaxMedix pump is quite effective when it comes to penis enhancement. You will be able to experience stronger and longer-lasting erections within weeks of regular use. For visible increase in the penis size, the pump must be used for at least 6 months.

Are there any safety concerns?

If you use the MaxMedix penis pump as directed in the manual, then you are unlikely to experience any kind of safety issues. However, if you increase the session timing of the pumping and practice it vigorously, then there is a risk of pain, discomfort and swelling.

Order MaxMedix penis pump now

You can place your order for this penis enlargement pump with SexualSupplement simply by clicking on ‘Add to Basket’ option. Remember, if you place your order before 4 pm on any working day, we will deliver the product the very next day.

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I can vouch for this one guys. Use it to get bigger. I gained 2 inches now I am whopping 7 inches long.

Totally recommended for all looking for enlargement

great product easy to use