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  • 										Jes Extender Original Standard Comfort
																				Jes Extender Original Standard Comfort
  • 										Jes Extender Original Standard Comfort
																				Jes Extender Original Standard Comfort
  • Jes Extender Original Standard Comfort

Jes Extender Original Standard Comfort Male Enhancement Device


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What is JES Extender Original?

This is a kind of penis enlarger that has consistently been dominating the market. It helps increase both length and girth of the penis. This device works on the safe and painless traction technique that applies a mild yet steady pressure on the penis. To ensure the safety and effectiveness, JES Extenders are made from high quality and durable materials. Out of those who have tried it, many have reported a 24% increase in length and a 19% increase in overall girth. So if you’re looking for a comfortable and discreet penis extender to enhance the size and performance of your penis, this product is worth giving a try.

How does JES Extender Original works?

Traction technology is not something new as it was once used by ancient tribes to add inches in different body parts like neck, ear lobes and lips. This innovative penis enlargement device uses the centuries old traction method in an ergonomic design. The gentle traction force on the penis helps to enlarge and production cells in them. Constant traction force causes tissue cells to divide and multiply, which gradually results in new tissue growth. This makes penis look visibly longer and thicker. The best thing about this method is once you get the results, they will stay and not subdue with time.

To add more, JES Extender also going to help men who have penile curvature which is otherwise known as Peyronie's Disease. So if you wish to decrease the curvature and straighten out your penis as well as gain an extra inch or two in the progression, the JES Extender original penis extender will be happy to help.

Directions to use

As such there is nothing to feel ashamed about while trying to enlarge your erection size but if you still do, JES Extender Original can be comfortably worn for long time under your pants without letting anyone know. To wear the extender, simply begin by sliding till its base touched the base of your penis. Then attach the rods as per the size of your penis. Use moulded support and soft silicone tube to hold the head of penis. Finally attach the end piece and comfort strap. For considerable gains, you should wear the device daily for over 4 to 6 hours. You can adjust the force of traction as per your comfort level and once you get used to, the device will get even easier to put on and take off.

How soon can I get results?

The results from the JES Extender Original vary for each individual depending upon their body’s responsive rate and how long they wear the device. However, most of the users have been able to see significant improvement in their penis size within the first few weeks of use. For optimal results, you should continue using the device for at least 2-3 months. The market prevalence of over 10 years and title of an industry leader in penis extenders is certainly a testament to the product and its effectiveness.

Is JES Extender Original safe?

The Cell division (cytokinesis) is something that is safe, natural, effective and used daily by physicians all over the world. JES Extender applies this science of cell division and reproduction to enlarge the penis, making them a much viable method for penis enlargement besides surgery. So when the cell in this area of the body grow, you are about to see longer and thicker penis in a matter of weeks or months.

The one thing that is most convincing about JES Extender is that they are from the doctors and by the doctors. By this we mean that most physicians and doctors themselves use the traction enlargement method as a standard solution for enlarging organs. This product is crafted by doctors and specialists making use of the same method. The design is still kept simple and safe so that you don’t require medical experience or the help of a doctor while using the JES Extender.

For more safety precautions every JES Extender products, including this one has also been made using high quality hypoallergenic materials. So, it is unlikely that you fell any discomfort or allergic reactions while wearing it. However, in case you experience pain and discomfort while using it, remove it immediately. Wait for a while and put the extender on again. But keep the traction level low this time.

How to order JES Extender Original?

Ordering this extender with SexualSupplement is easy and secure. Begin simply by clicking ‘Add to Basket’ option. Your privacy is our primary concern and this is a reason we deliver the products in plain and discreet packaging.

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my husband has been using the jew extender for 2 months and it just wont stop growing, i am ofcourdse extremely happy with this result.

my new best friend is the jes extender, i love it

really nice design and packaging, the box that it comes in is of high quality, you really get a bang for your buck. literally

if it wsnt for jes extender i would probably have never had sex again, i stupidly asked a girl if she enjoyed our one night stand, and she told me i didnt satisfy her because of my size, it was quite upsetting so i looked for a solution, thank god for the jes extender

I wear it to office and no one comes to know. Can't imagine it is all so easy

I looks complex but is easy to use and is lightweight too. I am a stone sleeper so i wear it to bed as well

Delivery was quick and the product is genuine. Thanks guys for a great product