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Jes Extender Gold Standard Male Enhancement Device


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What is JES Extender Gold?

JES Extender Gold is an enlargement device that lengthens the penis using the method of traction. The device is a high-end premium version of JES Extender. Plated in 24-carat gold, the tool comes in a stylish mahogany box. The Scandinavian design of this device is aimed at improving the length and girth of penis while straightening it.

How does it work?

The mechanism of JES Extender Gold is based on the principle of traction, which works by applying constant physical force on the penis. This steady force results in multiplication of tissue cells, causing expansion of the male organ. JES Extender has a tensile force that ranges between 600 and 1500 grams. Starting from 600 grams, you can increase the force of the traction gradually as you progress.

What you get in JES Extender Gold Box?

This penis enlarger comes in a stylish mahogany box that contains the gold plated device, extra extender rods for accurate growth monitoring, comfort cushion front piece and a comfort strap. Apart from this you will also get:

  • Instruction Manual
  • Velcro Strap
  • Spare Parts Kit
  • Cohesive Gauge
  • Set of Keys
  • Softattach

Directions to use

JES Extender Gold is a comfortable and easy to wear penis enlarger. You can begin by mounting the device by fastening the basal ring around the base of penis. Attach the metal rods on each side such that they run parallel to the penis. Finish by attaching the bowl-shaped support and comfort straps.

The description of the various components and instructions for mounting and demounting of the device are available in the manual and on the online videohere that comes with the penis enlarger.

How soon will I start seeing results?

As every individual reacts differently to the traction force, time it takes to see results from JES Extender Gold varies for everyone. It will depend on how long you wear the device for and how fast your body is responding. With daily use for at least 4 to 6 hours, you can expect to see visible results within 2 to 3 months. Following the recommended training program and using the device regularly is the key to success.

Is JES Extender Gold safe?

The gold penis extender comes with a CE mark, which ensures total confidence in the manufacturing process of the device. Keeping in mind the comfort and safety of the user, only high quality and durable material is used for making the extender. This extender has been specially gold plated to ensure that people, who have very sensitive skin that is allergic to other materials, can also use the device.

Order with us

Placing your order for JES Extender Gold with SexualSupplement is quick, convenient and discreet. Remember, 250,000 men worldwide have already ordered the extender and are enjoying its benefits. You can join them now simply by clicking on ‘Add to Basket’ option.

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I have struggled through my sex life due to small size. Who says size doesn’t matter. But I am glad I bought this device. Life has changed.

When the order arrived I was scared to see all the part. But manual explained it all well and it is really easy to use