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  • GMAX Power Capsules GMAX Power Capsules
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  • GMAX Power Capsules

GMAX Power Capsules

GMAX has been producing its products for men worldwide for several years. The Power Capsules contain a range of herbal ingredients that have been put together through years of research to create a new advanced botanical formula. These ingredients blended together are designed to help improve performance and stamina.

  • Aids stamina and endurance
  • Effects can last up to 36 hours
  • Helps reaching heightened climax
  • Take 30 minutes before activity
  • Discreet & easy to take
  • New advanced botanical formula – no side effects
  • Save 25% & get free shipping on all 40 capsule packs
  • Next day delivery available

If you are feeling a bit anxious or stressed about your situation and you need an extra confidence boost or just a little extra helping hand, then GMAX Power Capsules can help you achieve this. The ingredients used are some of the highest quality male supplements to be available on the market to help men gain more between the sheets. To buy your GMAX Power Capsules today simply click ’Add to Basket’ and if the 40 capsule packs are bought, save 25% on your order whilst getting free shipping!


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GMAX Power Capsules are the new and more potent capsules that have been extensively researched and improved to bring an even better product from the recognised Gold Max Blue for men formula. Precise measurements of ingredients have been included to help men gain stamina, endurance and maintain performance like no other Gold Max product to date.


The power of GMAX Power Capsules has been harnessed, extracted & precisely blended from the world’s most powerful natural aphrodisiacs. These ingredients are sourced from around the world including Africa, Asia and South America. This advanced breakthrough botanical formula has been the product of years of trial & error and research giving males around the world the chance to gain back their confidence and gain control over their own virility. The feeling of having more strength and stamina may be the biggest difference you experience… or the smile and satisfaction on your partners’ face!


The Power Capsules are very discreet and easy to take. Simply take one capsule with a glass of water 30-45 minutes before you want them to take effect. Do not take more than one capsule in 24 hours. Results have been reported of lasting up to 36 hours and we do not recommend that you take more than one when the effects are still present.


As explained earlier, the GMAX Power Capsules are 100% naturally sourced premium ingredients from reputable sources all over the world. Gold Max values its reputation and would never include any substitute ingredients or low quality ingredients. You should not experience any unwanted side effects; however, we recommend you check the ingredients label prior to taking and if you have any questions raise them with your doctor.


    Active Ingredients:

  • Panax Ginseng
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Cinnamomum Zeylanicum
  • Turnera Diffusa
  • Codonompsis Pilosula
  • Ligusticum Chuanxiong
  • Angelica Archangelica
  • Glycycyrrhiza Glabra:

    Capsule Shell Ingredients:

  • Pharmaceutical Gelatine
  • Glycerine
  • Water
  • Dyes (E133, E171)


Ordering from SexualSupplement.co.uk has never been easier or more discreet. Simply click ‘add to basket’ and follow the simple checkout procedure offering several payment and delivery methods including next day delivery. The packaging is discreet and non-branded to ensure that your interests and privacy are taken into consideration. Join men around the world today who have benefitted from the renowned GOLD MAX brand.

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These pills really gave me a boost I needed in the bedroom! GMAX always have delivered for me though, so I was expecting the same and by god.. did i get it! My boyfriend certainly saw the difference.

I took these with the gold max daily blue and it turned me into a machine. The effects lasted longer than 36 hours for me but I did top up a pill at some point.

Good results, made me last longer and i felt generally more awake and having more energy!

Great product, have told my close friends and recommended.

The results were good, but they only lasted around 14-16 hours for me. I am a big guy so it might be that, im not sure.

The Capsules are great! I can take them anywhere and use them quickly and effectively - I am in the porn industry and it gets me through my days.