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  • 										Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme
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  • Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme
  • Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme

Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme Male Enhancement Pump


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What is Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme X30?

The new Xtreme X30 is a powerful way of optimising your penis enlargement goals. 250% more efficient than other air pumps and 10 times stronger than Hydromax X30, this pump is most suitable for experienced users who wish to speed up their growth. New hand held ball pump has been added to the device for ejecting water with ease and creating more vacuum. Made with the highest quality material, the device offers complete comfort and safety to the user.

How it works?

Hydromax Xtreme X30 is hydro pump that uses water to create a vacuum force around the penis. Vacuum is an effective force compared to air, and allows user to relax in the bath or shower by positioning the penis pump easily. During the pumping session, penis chamber grows larger and stronger as more blood is pumped into it. This increases the penis size (both girth and length) while helping the user achieve rock-hard erection.

Available accessories

  • Hydromax Xtreme X30 Penis Pump
  • Hand ball pump with hose attachment
  • Luxury carry case and secure lock
  • Measuring gauge
  • Cleaning sponge
  • Comfort pad
  • Hands free shower strap
  • Cotton Hydromax towel
  • Lube
  • User manual

How to use Hydromax Xtreme X30?

Like all the Bathmate devices, this pump is also easy to use. The best way to use the pump is while taking shower or while relaxing in bath tub. Remember to loosen your penis using hot water shower or towel wrap before beginning the pumping. Now fill the pump with water completely and insert your penis into it. Make a tight seal by pressing the device against your pelvis. The comfort pad on the pump will make the seal tighter and you will not feel any discomfort. Now use the handheld ball pump to creat vacuum. Beginners must remove the pump after 5 minutes and massage their penis for 30 seconds. On the other hand, experienced users can continue pumping until they achieve desired results.

Benefits of Xtreme X30

  • Helps increase penis girth and length
  • Generates 35% more suction for faster and better results
  • Immediate noticeable increase in penis size
  • Permanent gains possible with consistent use
  • Achieve firmer and harder erections
  • Overcome erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation
  • Straighten curve in penis

Is it safe?

Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme X30 has been thoroughly tested and approved. This makes this device completely safe for use by adult men. It is advised that you carefully read the user manual before using the device. For beginners, the device should not be used for more than 15- 20 minutes. It is also suggested that they take breaks every 5 minutes. If you experience any bruising sensations or pain during pumping, stop using the pump immediately; relax for some time and continue to use it safely again.

How to order Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme X30?

Place your order for Xtreme X30 with Sexual Supplement simply by clicking ‘Add to Basket’ option. Remember if you place your order by 4 pm on any working day, you can enjoy our next day delivery service.

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From X30 to Xtreme X30, my journey with Bathmate has been amazing. BIG THUMBS UP!!!

Bathmate is the only brand where i find pumps for all sizes. Glad I changed my preference. I recommend it to all men