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What is babystart FertilCount and how it works?

It is a male fertility test kit that has been developed to give men an idea about their fertility. World Health Organisation (WHO) has recently set a threshold definition of male infertility. According to WHO, sperm concentration of 15 million sperm per mL of semen is essential for men to be able to fertilise egg in women. babystart FertilCount is the first kit to attain a CE mark for this new sperm count cut off standard.

This male fertility test works by staining the sperm cells in a semen sample. More the sperm cells are stained in the sample, darker the test well will become. It quickly helps men know if you have a greater concentration of sperm than recommended by WHO.

Directions to use the kit

Step 1: Collect a semen sample into the plastic liquefaction cup and cover it with the lid. Now gently swirl the cup for at least 10 times and wait at least 15 minutes before testing the sample.

Step 2: Remove the test cassette from re-sealable pouch and put it on a flat surface with the sample wells facing upwards.

Step 3: Once you are ready to test, swirl the plastic cup again and take out semen sample using plastic dropper. It is advised that you first squeeze the dropper at its midpoint and then place the angled tip into cup to collect sample.

Step 4: Now place one drop of semen on the sample well by squeezing the dropper. Let the sample sit untouched for least one minute.

Step 5: Add two drops of blye solution to the same test well and let it also sit for one minute. Now add two drops of clear solution to the Test Well B and let it soak for one minute.

How to read the results?

In order to check the results, compare the colour intensity of Test Well B with that of Well A.

  • Colour in Test Well B is the same as or greater than Well A – Positive (sperm count is equal or greater than 15 million per ml)
  • Colour in Test Well B is less than the colour in Well A – Negative (sperm count is less than 15 million per ml)

In case, you aren’t sure about the results, don’t hesitate to take a second test. It is important to note that the second test should be taken at least after 3 days of the first test, but the gap between the two tests should not exceed 7 days.

If both of the tests results are negative then it is recommended that you make an appointment with your doctor immediately.

How to order this male fertility kit?

To buy babystart FertilCount, simply click ‘Add to Basket’ option and process for payment page. For your convenience, we have a wide range of payment modes to choose from. Remember, if you place your order by 4 pm on any working day, you can avail our next day delivery service.

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i never knew it was possible to do fertility test at home. this is amazing

it is so simple to check fertility with this. Highly recommended.