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  • Andro-Penis Gold andropenis Andro-Penis Gold andropenis
  • Andro-Penis Gold andropenis
  • Andro-Penis Gold andropenis

Andro-Penis Gold


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What is AndroPenis Gold?

It is a penis enlargement device that promotes growth in length and girth through the principle of traction. Unlike other extenders on the market, this device has been CE certified and classified as Class 1 Medical Device. It has also been clinically proven to increase penis size non-surgically and painlessly. Apart from adding inches to penis size, it also safely corrects penis curvature (Peyronie's Disease). Some doctors also recommend this device to prevent penile retraction after surgery.

How does it work?

AndroPenis Gold works on the scientifically proven method of traction that uses body’s natural ability to adapt and grow. Traction is not a new method; it has been used from centuries by tribes to lengthen their necks, lips and ear lobes. This extender used the same principal that gently applies a traction force of between 600g up to 1.5kg one the penis. The force stimulates cell growth by lengthening the suspensory ligament in the penis. Increase in girth is caused by stimulation of the penile tissues at a biological level. The constant force of traction increases cellular multiplication, which results in increased penis length and girth.

How to use AndroPenis Gold?

Always put the device on while the penis is in flaccid state. For optimal results, you should wear the device for 4 to 9 hours a day. Take necessary breaks in between to rest the penis. The device is discreet, comfortable and may be worn while walking, sitting and standing. For more details you can read the instructions in the booklet provided in the kit.

How long will it take to see the results?

Andro-Penis Gold uses the force of traction to increase the penis length and girth. The time it takes to see results varies depending on individual responsive rate to the traction. However, most users have reported an increase of around 0.5 cm in length every month. The results also vary with how long you wear the device for.

According to numerous medical studies, regular use of this penis extender for 6 to 9 months help men increase penis length by 3 to 4 cm when erect and up to 4 cm when flaccid. Increase in girth has been found to be up to 1.5 cm; while up to 40% correction in penile curvature has been observed during the studies.

What is included in the kit?

  • 1 AndroPenis Gold extender
  • 2 Androcomfort bands
  • 2 Androtop for Androcomfort bands
  • 2 Androsilicone
  • 2 Androtop for Androsilicone
  • 2 Androring
  • 1 Androshafts (Gold)
  • Instruction CD in 27 languages
  • Instruction booklet in 8 languages

Are there any safety concerns?

AndroPenis Gold undergoes stringent testing throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that you get a high quality finished product. Hence, it is unlikely that you experience any kind of safety issues while using the extender. Moreover, CE certification and classification as a Class One Medical device is a testimony of the safety and effectiveness of the penis extender. All men between 18 and 65 years of age can use the device. However, if you have had any surgery around the penile region, consult your doctor before using it.

How can I order AndroPenis Gold?

You can place your order for this penis enlarger with SexualSupplement simply by clicking ‘Add to Basket’ option. Remember, if you place your order with us today before 4 pm, then you can start using your device by tomorrow afternoon.

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i didnt think this was possible, now im standing here and my penis looks twice the size

i love the feeling of this tugging on my penis

the length of my penis is astonishing, to think just 2 months ago i was almost depressed with the size of my penis.

my penis used to be curved, thanks to andro penis its now arrow straight

so happy with the results from the andro penis, i have even noticed girls staring at the bulge in my pants.

i dont like using this that much because im lazy, but it has worked which is what i wanted, i wish ther was an easier way to achieve a bigger penis.

i always wised i could be endowed like the black guys on porn movies, andro penis almost achieved this.

okay I have to admit. I was really pissed with my 5 inches. It was getting embarrassing to an extent that I started avoiding going on dates. Thnks to my mate, who told me about this device. Now I am 5.4 inches already and there is more to go

I thought I will have to live with my small penis. but no more. This device is incredible.

You guys are doing a great job. Very supportive customer service and quick delivery